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So privileged to have joy taymor in my office thanks so much for coming in today so congratulations on many fronts i mean the goal i think one of the goals of any artist is on jeopardy of career and art that speaks the people in the moment and also has longevity and and here we are the reason you're in here today is the rerelease of across the universe ten ten plus years after the fact so this must be a source of great pride that there's this interest air is i'm very i mean it's a good it's good timing it's the tenth anniversary what is it since we've made the film but it's also the fiftieth anniversary of nine hundred sixty eight which was they call it summer of love but it also had some pretty heinous events happening right so i wanna talk about many many aspects of this film that are worthy of discussion i just from i i remember when this came out and it was just such a audacious idea audacious project and just the fact that came into existence it seems like a miracle considering no worries considering the source material using what thirty three thirty four beatles songs can we just got into sort of lake logistically like where did this crazy amazing idea come from and how do you even begin to procure the rights to something like that that these guys feel is so close to them well first of all it wasn't my project at in start it so revolution with a producer matt gross and a couple of other people got the rights with this concept of making a movie musical and they hired dick clements in elephant the screenwriters english brits the comedians who also did what was that fabulous movie they did rock and roll irish movie oh the commitments that anyway they came up with a very very basic concept like one paragraph it was called all you need is love and that was the original title to be and it was it was with about three young white people one from liverpool who was looking for his dad in america and then a brother and sister who ended up being juden jude and lucy and max jude coming over and it took place during the time of the beatles which is the same as the movie is now which the songs were during what seven years nineteen sixty what one or two for seven years and i've read that treatment i actually had been asked by peter gelb who ran sony classic coal classical in new york if i wanted to make a musical of the using the beatles music for broadway so i had already had my brain wrapped around this idea i was going to do it with salman rushdie and because i know he's a bit rock and roller and i really wanted to do it and i was very excited our whole take was very different wasn't the sixties it was a whole different idea of moving backwards probably more absurdist and crazy but at any rate peter moved out of sony went to the metropolitan opera and then i got a call from joe roth and his company revolution to see if i would be interested in directing this and of course i was i mean i was just totally thrilled to be asked so i joined forces with the two writers and came up with a different concept i mean not completely different but i basically chose the songs they had penny lane eleanor rigby and all these songs that really would have been much harder to fit into a story because across the universe is about those characters though six young people and their names people laugh at this idea they either get it love it or think it's ridiculous which is her name is lucy his name is matt's jude sadie joe joe imprudence but i i have to come back with this if west side story if tony was singing a song to the girl and the song is maria let's hope real name isn't esther yes i mean you you have what is so great about these beatles songs as they did joe joe was sexy sadie now we didn't put every one of the songs in but those people who grew up with these songs there is residence to hear sadie you know she's sexy sadie you know she did certain things that weren't great and prudence dear prudence one and you come out and play now for us we take it literally the prudence is.

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