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Eighteen minutes after the top of the hour. Thank you for being here Chad Dickson, also, joining us in the newsroom, and of course Bill Barnett our tech up and. Musical director doing his part keep the broadcasts. From going down the old toilet there all right Elliot back to this duck boat thing I have some audio from this guy this boat sank seventeen people. Die on, this thing it's it's. A car really that can go on the water. It's a boat and car and they're. Kind of cool looking. And, they're kind of. Fun to. Ride in on land I rode one in Seattle across lake Washington. And I gotta tell. You I always felt like it was a. Choppy day I felt like it felt, unstable to me it just. Kind of felt like it, was swaying an awful lot and the little water splashed in a little bit and everybody kind of laughed. About that but I I don't like that I don't want. Water to splashing on the boat I wanna be, on the cruise ship I, wanna be luxury yeah I do too all. Right here's a witness who said this started out like any other, tour the conditions were fine it's just like any. Day in the Ozarks those storms can come out, of anywhere and They do frequently there was. Other boats on the lake at the time private boats you could see them, in the video and you could also see they were. The first. Ones, out there to start doing the. Rescuing and here he is one the boat started having. Some problems once we saw it. Start taking water through the. Fry we knew nothing was going. Good from there and then, it started taking water from the back right corner and then just stuff went downhill from. There yeah that's what eventually sank it, it, just took on too much, water in a capsized he always wanted just get. Out of the boat is quick as you. Can fill up you know what's what's interesting about that is watching the video I kind of expected somebody to jump out the side but you know something. I don't, know who would do. That though when you think about it I'm on. A boat and yes we're taking on. Water but the last. Thing, I wanna do. Is now. Get out into that water that is looks like there's a hurricane. On it I mean. We have surf out there on a lake. And this is not this massive lake then You're also jumping. Next to a big thing that could hit you a knock you out that's true I mean you really gotta be hopefully at the. Back of the bus I mean there would be a lot. Of thing if that's me hopefully you never know unless. You're in that situation but there's and I'm sure that's why I didn't jump out because the the boats rocking all over the place yes it seems. Like, it's going one direction but. It may not have felt like it was going one. Direction somebody may have thought hey if I jump out this way the waves could push. The boat this way could hit me or the wheels underneath. That are propelling the boat or wherever the engine is, propelling I could run into it it's really it's a I think. This is so many people? Died because this is a freak, thing you're kind of, trapped you don't know what to do and I don't know that anybody could have been I don't know if anybody was wearing. Life jackets, or not I don't know if that was, a requirement I know when I use. It Yeah, when I use the duck boat that one time that I needed. I they didn't ask, us, to put one on and I, thought that would have been probably a law thing you know if the boat is a certain size but you know it's funny everybody just loves. Those duck boats you'd see. One and, everybody it's, like seeing the blimp flying overhead oh look there's the blimp everybody's gotta stop..

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