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Taxpayer dollars are better spent on the health of children and mothers on malaria and HIV prevention and treatment rather than on snuffing out the lives of unborn children. It's amazing that on their first day of taking power house. Democrats are pushing an extreme position far to the left American taxpayers. Simply don't want to fund abortions with their hard-earned dollars. And it's even more mazing that this exercise is being performed on a Bill that will not be brought up in the Senate. And it would not be signed by the president. It is a Bill that is going nowhere. I strongly opposed the repeal of this life-affirming provisions, and I urge my colleagues to vote no on HR Twenty-one. Thank you. You'll back. I recognize the gentlewoman from the gentleman from Texas reserves. I l two minutes the gentlemen from Louisiana minster, John gentlewoman reserves. Gentlewoman from New York is recognized. Madam speaker? I just wanna make something perfectly clear the United States does not and cannot fund abortions. Let me say that again, the United States does not and cannot fund abortions period. Thank you. Madam speaker? A woman reserves the gentlewoman from Texas is recognize yield two minutes, the gentleman from Lisi. Anna mister Johnson the gentlemen from Louisiana is recognized for two minutes. I think the general lady and Madam speaker, I rise to share a deep concern that I and many of my colleagues here about HR Twenty-one. If what our colleague said is true, then we should just take this provision out of the Bill to route to revise or resent, the Mexico City policy would do precisely the opposite of what you just said at the podium in one thousand nine hundred four president Ronald Reagan made a strong international stands for life. He announced that the United States would carry on the tradition of protecting the innocent, not only at home, but around the globe with this promise. The United States would no longer allow taxpayer dollars to be sent overseas to promote abortion as a method for family planning. That's what this policy does. We're thankful for the countless lives that have been saved because of President Reagan's willingness to embrace the and I remain thankful for President Trump for carrying on. This proud legacy. Unfortunately, protecting life through global health assistance is now at risk and the legislation before us today, the new democratic leadership has. Moved to overturn this important policy that was just articulated. Let us say this clearly the United States should never underwrite abortions taxpayers deserve better children deserve better and families deserve better. We must continue to be the shining light on the hill to protect the innocent an assist women and children in their time of need. What a shame. It would be. If the very first action and one hundred sixteenth, congress is to send foreign aid to fund abortions overseas. I yield back the gentlewoman reserves the gentlewoman from New York is recognized. The gentlewoman reserves the gentlewoman from New York from Texas is recognized yield two minutes to the gentleman from Indiana, Mr. banks, the gentleman from Indiana is recognized for two minutes speaker I to rise in strong opposition to the consolidated appropriations act HR Twenty-one. I am appalled that the very first initiative by this democratic majority is to push for tax payer funded subsidies to international organizations that promote and perform abortions Madam speaker. This Bill would repeal President Trump's protecting life in global health assistance policy or the expanded Mexico City policy, which prohibits global health funding from going to foreign NGOs that perform or promote abortion. Madam speaker, the expanded Mexico City policy does not change the amount of money available for global health and family planning programs. In fact, all. All qualified international family planning organizations are eligible for US grant money if they agree to set conditions. Upon acceptance the choice has been up to the NGO either agreed not to perform or promote abortions or forego funding from the United States and a six month review of the policy by the State Department found that out of seven hundred and thirty three prime partners eligible for US grant money only four of them declined to the conditions set by the expanded Mexico City policy. Madam speaker vote in support of this minibus is a vote to abandon the principles of the US foreign assistance that should be life. They should be life-affirming is should support the health of both women and children and unborn. Children abortion is not healthcare. I urge my colleagues to vote no on this Bill and uphold to protecting life and global health assistance policy. Thank. Madam speaker? I yield back the gentlewoman reserves the gentlewoman from New York is recognize the gentlewoman from New York reserves. The gentlewoman from Texas is recognized Manno speaker, I urge my colleagues to vote. No on the Bill before us today. I yield back the balance of my time. The gentlewoman from Texas yields back the gentlewoman from New York is recognized Madam speaker. It is long past time to end the Trump shutdown as our first legislative act of the year. We should isolate the political dispute over border security and reopen the government democrat Nita Lowey chair of the appropriations committee last night. Simply no reason the Senate should not pass the package given that they wrote the six full year bills and pass to CR through February. I urge you to vote. Yes. I yield back the balance at night. Time for the debate has expired pursuant to house resolution five the previous question is ordered on the Bill. The question is on encroachment and the third reading of the Bill those in favor say I. Those opposed. No the is habit. Third reading a Bill making appropriations for the fiscal year ending September thirtieth nineteen and for other purposes. For what purpose does the gentlewoman from Texas seek recognition. Madam speaker? I have a motion to recommit at the desk. Is the gentlewoman opposed to them? I am in its current form. The gentlewoman qualifies the clerk will report the motion. Ms Granger of Texas moves to recommit the Bill H R twenty one to the committee on appropriations with instructions to report the same back to the house forthwith with following amendment page, ten twenty one strike line fifteen and all that follows through page ten twenty three line nineteen and redesignate subsequent sections accordingly. The gentlewoman from Texas is recognized for five minutes. Madam speaker? This is the final amendment to the Bill which will not kill the Bill are send it back to committee if adopted the Bill immediately precede final passage as amended this motion to recommit strikes the section of the department of state and foreign operations act that reverses the president protecting live in global health assistance policy, formerly known as the Mexico City policy. This policy is important to protect life and must be maintained. The Bill also mandates that funds be made available for UNFPA and this motion to recommit strikes that requirement. The administration is determined that. This United Nations agency has violated certain provisions of law. No funds should go to UNFPA. We must support this motion to recommit and amend the Bill before us. To ensure that pro-life policies are maintained. The gentlewoman yields back for what purposes. She's looking at me does the gentlewoman from Texas seek to reclaim her time. I'm I apologize. I yield two minutes to the gentleman from New Jersey. Mr Smith, my good friend. The gentleman is recognized for speaking reopening. The government is the goal. If ending the shutdown is the goal. Why does this appropriations package contain a brand new poison pill writers section seventy seventy one that overturns a major comprehensive current day pro-life policy? Let's be clear the protecting lightning. Global health. Assistant policy is a visceral by this Bill. The protecting life policy matters speaker is a significant reiteration and expansion of president Ronald Reagan's Mexico City policy, which was first announced back in one thousand nine hundred eighty four and that policy wasn't is designed to ensure the US tax payer money is not funneled to non. Foreign non-governmental organizations that perform or promote abortion as a method of family planning the policy done by Trump two years ago establishes pro-child safeguards that are benign, and you main conditions is about protection of these innocent children who might otherwise die from chemical poisoning or by dismemberment for years. Pro-abortion organizations have used US taxpayer funds to weaken undermine or reverse pro-life laws and other nations and destroy precious. Lives of these children, the speaker earlier today admonished us to protect God's creation, these unborn children are God's creation. They cry out for our protections US foreign policy and the foreign entities that we fund with billions of.

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