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This is my point and I'm not talking about you specifically, but just when I hear that when I hear, hey, look, we're not Alabama. You used to be. The idea that SEC conceding something to somebody in college football, it just doesn't make sense to me. There's there's no reason that that an SC football team should have a well. We can't do it. Alabama does. We can't do it Ohio State. Why not? I mean, you know, you can't do it before, but football's changed. Now football has changed tremendously. You go down and you look at Alabama's too deep upfront. Yeah, I want those guys getting off the bus. I yeah, and USC kept that used to be a see. This is my point, Kirk, as I understand. It's change. Yeah, that's why I think that as c. has an issue because they're not getting those guys. They're not able to have that depth that Alabama that Ohio State has that they're more like an. They're more like Arizona state than they are like Alabama and SC should never be more like Arizona state than they are like, Alabama, it's USC, it's it's the premier college football program west of the Mississippi River. There's no one else that's even close and I don't care if it's Notre Dame or Alabama LSU. Or how state USC should never take a backseat to anybody and, and when it's like, well, we can't do it like Alabama house. It's like, okay, so you're, you're willingly conceding your real estate to these top teams. You wanna move into the tier that's with organ and ASU and Washington, I mean, okay, that's fine. But used to live in a different neighborhood. You've you've moved out, but that was the knock that we had. So you know, we have a college football seminar ESPN college football seminar, and I will sit in down. One of my colleagues marks Marcus spears does not college football. Live is on all of the game day shows when they SEC network. And he asks me, why can't the west coast recruit Big Ben anymore..

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