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Debra Mark has news. Three men have been shot and killed inside a home in Puerto ranch. LAPD officers Sal Ramirez calls about. Shooting. I came in shortly before four this afternoon right now. Saunder investigation. It's looking like it's gonna be a burglary slash homicide at this time Ramirez. The people were already dead when first responders arrived. The news is brought to you by Black Panther, the family of a mentally ill man has sued. Anaheim police excessive force in wrongful death. Lawyer John Burroughs says cops are trained not to use the tactics. They used against Justin Perkins strikes to the forehead strikes to the body with batons and then ultimately choking him. And he died within a couple of days. Anaheim PD's says the cops were responding to a call for help during an assault. Cops say two officers were hurt during the scuffle and have not returned to work. A couple of LA city council. Members have crossed the border to help migrants. Trying to get into the US the delegation showed up two shelters in Tijuana to drop off supplies and pizza made a Costco councilman Mitchell. Farrell says the focus is on people who have to wait in Mexico until their court hearings in the US. S? The problem is they're just not getting the asylum hearings in the numbers that they used to even though the need is great as it's ever been. He says the supplies came from donations. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news. Sixteen states have filed a lawsuit against President Trump's emergency declaration to pay for a border wall with Mexico that suit was filed in the northern district of California, which has ruled against the Trump administration in the past. We have a crash.

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