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The biggest story today. Sunny. Great three innings of zilch. He faced nine batters. He retired nine batters that will work. Phillip urban homered his fourth of the spring. Philip bourbons hitting three forty five with four home runs this spring. How'd you like to be Philip urban who likely is going back to triple a Louisville to begin the season? Winker Puig camp urban shetler, send Zell that six you play three usually carry five somebody's the odd man out, and it looks like Phillip urban, although you could make the case is good at a spring is Ben. And as he provides your insurance as a center fielder perhaps late in games. But then that means somebody else from that group has to go down or be traded three three tie from Goodyear today. College basketball Zach hankins with twenty two points, nine rebounds and the game winning tip in for the Xavier musketeers with twenty one seconds left on the clock. Descends Xavier pass Creighton sixty three sixty one in the quarterfinals of the big east Turney today. The musketeers now eighteen and. Fourteen winners of seven of their last eight they went from losing six in a row to winning seven of eight. It must be merged. The musketeers are rampant things up. They will face Villanova tomorrow night in the semifinals. The action at six on fifty five care sees Abeer is now six in biggies quarterfinal play every year. They've been in the big east. They have advanced to the quarterfinals. Kyle Casselman delivers the block to preserve the game. In the final seconds hankins. The tip in now thinking that Zack hankins who last year was the division two player of the year today scores twenty two points pulls down nine rebounds. It gets the tip in that wins. The game Cal castle in the fifth year grad transfer gets the block to preserve the game. Musketeers play on Ohio State held off Indiana today that was a wild one seventy nine seventy five in the big ten Turney the Indiana Hoosier season is done at seventeen and fifteen while Cincinnati Bearcats take. On either Tulsa or SMU tomorrow night in the quarterfinals of the American athletic conference tourney. Meanwhile, the Dayton flyers will face Saint Louis or Richmond tomorrow night in the corner finals of the eight ten Turney Kentucky will take on the winter of Alabama or ole miss tomorrow Bengals update after a quiet Wednesday the Bengals strike today. They signed free agent corner be w Webb b w Webb to a three year deal. He is a six year NFL veteran who has played for Dallas, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, New Orleans and this most recent season played for the giants appearing in all sixteen games with thirteen starts. There are reports the Bengals are interested in or having visit a combination of linebacker Shaq Barrett from the Denver Broncos guard from the Buffalo Bills. John Miller and corner. Former falcon Brian Poole also today the Oakland Raiders have released former Bengals quarterback a j. J mccarron. High school basketball how girls division three slate state semifinals waynesville beat doylestown Chippewa in overtime forty one thirty nine waynesville plays Columbia efforts Centric, Saturday for the state division. Three championship at ten. Forty five boys regional semifinals Aken is facing..

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