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Com. WBZ news time eleven oh five. It's Monday may thirteenth two thousand nineteen. Good evening. I'm Roger Plummer in for Bob Conway right now at O'Hare forty eight degrees under fair skies. Winds are calm. We have a low of forty two to complete Accu weather five day forecast in a few minutes. But first our top local story on NewsRadio WB 'em. Illinois state. Police are cracking down on those who violate Scots law. Stapley send out a tweet saying troopers have issued more than twenty two hundred citations for Scots law violators. So far this year last year during that same period ISP issued only three hundred thirty nine tickets Scots law. Mandates drivers use caution when police emergency vehicles are stopped three. Illinois state troopers have been killed while on the road this year. The sun is setting on the FOX network show empire impossibly without one of its controversial actors WBZ Keith Johnson reports the show empires in its final season. But no word of actor Justice Milan will be part of the show as an option to have him in the show, but five Jacob say his future in the show is still unclear that was accused of saving racist anti gay attack against himself in Chicago. Who county state's attorney's office decided to drop the charges Keith Johnson. Newsradio one zero five point nine FM. A west suburban man has been charged with Sunday's hit and run that has left E six year old girl in critical condition. WBZ's Jennifer Keiper with the latest ryen Corta L of oak drive in unincorporated. Saint Charles is facing numerous charges in connection with the hit and run of six year old girl. It happened near the corner of Geneva and corier in an unincorporated area near Saint Charles can't county sheriff Ron Hain tells WBZ among the charges filed. Report death or injury of a serious accident class to follow any driving licence revoked to class four phony driving licence revoked. Well, the driving occurred Amorebieta accident involving personal injury other class phony says they had a lead on cortijo who not only abandoned his pickup truck after the crash, but also the dog inside of it turned himself into police. Jennifer, Keiper, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. Sheriff Haynes says the family of the six year old says her condition continues to improve Illinois attorney general Kwami row all has announced a consent decree with Mt. L Inc to set claims to settle claims of widespread sexual harassment.

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