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Mike's going to have bandwagoning Mickey Callaway and Jeff wilpon all in studio. Are they going to the house or they come in here? No, no. I don't know actually. But he'll have been studio. That's a show. I think they are here. Scouting the studio yesterday. Everyone was going to sit and all that stuff. One psycho roundtable. Yeah. All on the same time that a goal that is going to be very cool fluid to the top a lot. A lot of fluid. Dominate that conversation other than Mike. Yes. The throaty Ronan. Yeah. I mean, Mickey just going to sit there and laugh, and my loud, the talk. Jeff will chime in here there. And then we'll defer to Brody approach just going to be he's he's like, he's the man re steps in every room. You could tell you just you just controls everything. I mean, he was able to your your Jeff yesterday. What he said I've never seen a guy motivated in a long time. It's crazy to me just a male with a large unit. Yeah. Maybe. In everything right now. I can haven't seen anybody with this much drive and determination in a long time ago guys fingers in everything sounds like a shot at sandy Alderson. No, no, no, no, no. He's being allowed to do things. Sandy was not all those who have the same mindset, and he was babysitting. Agreed. Well. Brody is a different type of guy with a different type of vision. And so far the dude with the big stuff. As he probably I would I would guess. A Brody bobblehead giveaway this year or bird? Gnome trying to win for the suspect is garden. Go for the roadster garden gnome. Has left in his bag of tricks? All right before we all get crazed about it. Let's say he puts together his own believable off-season. The no one can disagree with they have to do a Brody promotional. I think you do. I mean, like a Cashman bobblehead day, maybe a poster Cashman's different type of person host. I want the garden what about like Brody bluetooth because I could definitely see him with a blue. Brodie calendar Braga Brody calendar book. Doing something else. He's dressed as Santa for December. We give be on a golf course sailboat right right during the summer monkeys a Speedo guy in July. Oh, yeah. Right with his confidence without a doubt banana hammock going on. Perfect. Look at me look at my body a tighter, underpants, tighter jeans. Because he's upset because you know, as educational background. Sports, bras, sports, bras, sports bra. We know how smart he is. We know. How smart Stanford? Yes. Right. Absolutely. I feel like he doesn't sleep a lot. Either. Man. He's probably on a phone concept in mind, is is working non-stop instantly good road event wagons, or no, it's what you want. Yes. Absolutely. Maybe Jeff wilpon got this one, right? Yeah. That so so there had to be a initial decision and discussion about hiring him in this spot. And we all laughed when it happened the idea. Now, we're in the midst of it. So it's two months end. So, you know, so far so good. Hey..

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