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To change the next election because of the judicial it won't change because the Senate still the Senate won't change because gerrymandered districts are still gerrymandered districts and so on that's a concern to me a very big concern to me one of the things that's very interesting is also very troubling but it's I think important to point out again the parallels that we see between say for instance Trump and Netanyahu, which is to say that I think that both of them have been kind of pulling cars from each other's Playbook as it were wage whether we're talking about Netanyahu calling things fake news or Trump trying to encourage people to quote unquote watch the polls, which is really just a way to try to suppress the vote, which of course name who has already been doing for years now in terms of trying to suppress the Arab vote in Israel to try to observe as it were voting in in highly Arab parts of different cities and Jerusalem Thursday. When you say observing, you mean recording with cameras in order to intimidate our voters coming to the polls exactly. I mean, I was trying to find the right way to describe it. If you could describe it. Actually, it's bad enough as it is. No adjectives needed. Yeah. Well, I mean that's I think what we're seeing here is a cohort of anti-democratic rulers in different countries Israel and the US are only two of them that are all kind of like cribbing notes from each other about how to turn off a democracy into something else and I think it's a very troubling Trend it also openly supporting each other not just Trump and nothing now but also or bandhan and hungry for example, Israel is now closed to the FBO and Austria thought that the far-right Freedom Party of Austria cold and of course and you know, they're all at Putin obviously in Trump and let's not forget Israel's recent lovefest with Serbia if it lasts indeed, I think we need to remember that they're all screaming those from each other and by the way, and it's now is as I'm sure you all know that maybe your readers don't he doesn't just say fake news. He says an English. He actually uses the English phrase fake news, which is remarkable. I think it's quite strong. To say but he has to dip into the English phrase because it's it's not the meaning of the phrase is the idiom itself captures so much more than the two words that you can't really translate that you have to just say it in English..

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