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Have heard about a central piece of evidence in the case against oath keepers founder Stewart roads and four associates charged with seditious conspiracy in the capital riot. A member of the far right group, who traveled to D.C. before the attack on the capitol, testified about a massive cache of weapons stashed by the extremist group in a Virginia hotel room, Terry Cummings showed jurors and AR-15 rifle, and an orange box for ammunition, that he contributed to a so called quick reaction force, the oath keepers had staged at the hotel in Arlington in case they needed weapons. Money news at 25 and 55 inflation accelerated in September with the cost of housing and other necessities intensifying pressure. The government says that consumer prices rose 8.2% last month compared with a year earlier. Excluding the volatile categories of food and energy, so called core inflation climbs 6 tenths of a percent from August to September, and that's a sign that the fed's 5 interest rate hikes have done little to cool inflation pressures. The hotel business still hasn't fully recovered, but Jeff clay boss has in normal years, D.C.'s hotel business holds its own. When compared to states, D.C. has the fewest total number of hotels, D.C. is small, but it ranks second only to Hawaii for average annual revenue by hotel an average of $21.6 million in D.C., three times the average per hotel revenue in New York, hotel tech reports as California has the most operating hotels. Up ahead on WTO, millions of social security recipients will see an 8.7% boost in their benefits next year, 8 56. That can't compute in your kitchen drawer. Recycle it at Staples, a shredder

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