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Then. if I'm not careful, a musical comedy will break out so I try not to Overdo it because I can only write so many musical comedies per day. Is that something you would ever get into an agricultural sense on your farm? No. Not just yet because it's not federally regulated still like which is so crazy at any time unmarked federal agents could appear in your city that would never happen. And they could destroy your plants you know or they could seize your property or something. So it's to me it's it's not really a safe agricultural bet just yet even though plenty of huge corporations are making billions of dollars off cannabis while many small time cannabis offenders still sit in jail, which is which totally bizarre. And if I were to have a crop, let's say I would also need to promote that crop right like Willie Nelson has a has a wage strain, right or we'd variety. I still want to stay in that Mister Rogers Lane I still would love to be on sesame street again. So with that I'm not gonNA put my name a strain of. Jason Miranda's purple icke sticky. titty twister thirty, three, percent T, H Z. I'm just I can't see my name and face on a on a sticky bud just yet. Because I'd rather be hanging out with Oscar. The grouch in an you know what I'm saying and I don't think I don't think you can do both just even though Oscar, the grouch does look just like a nugget of. There's our ad break right? Oh is it a conspiracy theory that we just unveiled? Oscar the grouch is he really just a we'd dealer and we get that trending please our own listeners. Yeah. I definitely just got kicked off as free forever. Thank you. Oscar the. Man Oh. You know what? We could have an industry and called Oscar the couch. Are you sure you don't want to go into this business. Man I might have to, Hey, if twenty twenty one looks like this year then yeah. Forget about I'm definitely going to go into the we. Business..

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