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The new ones are going to be and i think what they're gonna do is as you're approaching the rotary it's almost it's almost okay i'm going to tell you what's coming up we'll tell you what's coming up telling you hear it so it's gonna be a re okay i see it i see it again i see it again so by the time you see it the third time you're gonna realize this is what my options are going to say i see what they're going to have little they're gonna have little circles that say okay if you want to go to the ninety five core around this way if you want to go to one seventeen there's a little arrow that go it's more well it's kind of hard to explain obvious yes it's more obvious it's more obvious so it's still quite the project for us rhode islanders so the drivers i talked to i think their biggest complaint is people not knowing how to drive in the rotary i talked to one guy who said i put it in a dash cam on my car because i want to record everything i go through in case i get it now the flip side is that businesses and one of the advertisers here on wpro fine time watch right they are i talked to richard sokoll yeah he said said he couldn't be more pleased because now he said the flows a lot better captains catch which is down right across from the new cumberland farms he said our businesses been here twenty three years some people said i had no idea you're here now because the traffic actually has to slow down to get into those rotaries in the not whizzing through the way they were he said our businesses actually increase now that's good it was tough last fall in october november it was very hard to get through there but now so i mean is it is it a total success story i think it's a work in progress still but it's encouraging to see that it's gone from one hundred and one accidents to thirty six time no serious accidents right you you mentioned gunning it getting in there and getting the i noticed people pull into it and they panic and they freeze and that could be the older breaks right.

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