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Low beams Let's start with interstate travel on the Maryland side the crash 95 south after two 12 last reported along the left side You can't see this one but one went off to the Woods So be prepared and be sure to scoot over when you see those flashing lights Two 70 rides well from the beltway through Frederick but I 70 heading west We had a rollover crash after 15 apparently on scene now you would stay to the right to get by There is a delay to reach it 95 in Maryland beltway to beltway that was doing okay 50 east the John Hanson highway first report of one in Bowie heading east just before one 97 exit 11 response was heading to that crash we're checking now inside of the beltway and towards the district these capital street will be closed between RFK and the capitol This is the capitol classic They'll also have closures around Lincoln park and Stanton park part of the run so be prepared unless you're part of the event you could catch delays going in and out of the third street tunnel using the freeway two 95 all viable options They will be unaffected Into Virginia we go our interstate travels doing pretty well a new rack in Prince William county In fact in woodbridge on the Prince William Parkway and galanthi boulevard overturned vehicles should be on galanthi boulevard bottom line follow police direction Jiffy lube service centers keeping you moving from oil changes tire rotation filters wipers a full range of services visit Chick-fil-A D.C. dot com for the location near you married to pump a W two B traffic Storm team four is Michelle gros when we still got that fog advisory with us for a few more minutes here this morning We do either John yet Set to expire at 9 a.m. so we'll see if they extended or does expire we'll continue to watch that for sure We are still seeing reduced visibility out So we're seeing reduced visibility down to a mile and a half in D.C. down to .8 miles in the rice So really we're still seeing that fog in place.

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