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How former LSU basketball coach in court? I'm Beth Myers in the NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay, newscenter. Former OSU assistant basketball coach Lamont Evans will plead guilty today to a conspiracy bribery charge for allegedly steering players to certain financial advisers and business managers. His attorney says Evans will plead guilty this afternoon in New York federal court and that his sentencing deal calls for up to two years in prison. Evans is the third former NCWA assistant coach to plead guilty in this massive bribery investigation. Just two days after an Oklahoma City man was found dead inside a residence and a five hundred block of south west sixty eighth straight. Police have arrested a suspect thirty one year old Philip Sanchez was arrested Tuesday in the death of thirty three-year-old Cesar Lopez Lopez body was found Sunday police believed that he got into an altercation and was killed. Sanchez was booked into jail on a first degree murder complaint. And it's three years in prison for a more man who pleaded guilty to shooting off a rifle in his backyard last may one of the bullets fire by forty six year old Jeremy park traveled to an adjacent neighborhood. It went through a woman's house, and strut the crib oversleeping baby. The baby was not wounded park was sentenced Tuesday in Oklahoma City federal court. It was illegal for him to possess a firearm because he was the subject of a protective order that. Prohibited. Him from stalking a former girlfriend, and there will be no plea deal for a teenager accused of murder and more. Here's Katie case Calvin right with that story in April. First trial date is set for a seventeen year old Tulsa boy, charged with fatally shooting a broken arrow teacher and raping an eighty one year old woman. Prosecutors say they have no plans to offer a plea deal to deal. Dante green who was sixteen years old at the time. He allegedly killed Shane Anderson and assaulted the elderly victims during a robbery spree in October twenty seventeen Greene has pleaded not guilty to murder rape and other charges. Oklahoma congresswoman Kendra horn is among a group of first time House, Democrats cosponsoring a Bill to prevent future federal government shutdowns we came into this shutdown without the ability to permit from happening, and it's our desire, especially after speaking with people in our in our districts watching the impact that this has that we are able to put into place stopgaps and provisions that would keep us from actually getting there in the future. It's called the shutdown to end all shutdowns act, and it would automatically trigger funding to keep federal agencies open. If congress fails to pass a budget Bill on time, it would also suspend pay for members of congress and the president during a government shutdown. Brutal Arctic weather. Gripping the midwest is causing thousands of flights to be canceled or delayed nearly twenty two hundred flights canceled across the country with more than eleven hundred delayed, and there.

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