Clinton, Don Donald Trump, Crimea discussed on C-SPAN


Certainly that would not happen at my level but that's a good question we should know how she got a visa but let's be very clear nobody set up those gentlemen to meet with her they received an email from one of the intermediary saying that she has some very interesting information on secretary clinton accomplished is the word in russian and they said don donald trump said that's fantastic let's meet nobody forced them to meet with that russian delegation they all they all thought they they were getting some very important information to help them win their election and most certainly a president trump president putin wanted candidate trump to win for very rational reasons by the way because candidate trump he said things during the election he hasn't delivered on them by the way they were promises but he said things that were of interest to vladimir putin he said for instance he would lift sanctions he said he would look into recognizing crimea is part of russia he was very tough on nato that's music to putin's ears and he never spoke about democracy or human rights during the campaign whereas secretary clinton said the exact opposite on all those fronts so i think it was rational for for president putin to want to see president trump win but then he went much farther of course and actually took many measures a multiple i would call it a comprehensive strategy to try to help candidate trump went win whether it would matter it or not in the margins i don't know but the intention there i think was pretty clear as to the question where we giving secrets to the russians of course that's categorically false no no american democrat a republican who works for the united states of america would ever do that that's that's called treason that's called those are just things that neither the obama administration i did and i have full confidence that the trump administration is not doing that with russia today as well before we leave glenn's call he made reference to the more flexibility comment by president obama to dmitry medvedev on march twenty sixth twenty twelve can you put that statement in context explain what they were talking about and why the president would say that yeah i was there it was a meeting in seoul south korea and at the end of it they had a one on one and at.

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