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In good hands with allstate the reds are in good hands with ready for this billy hamilton billy's hit an eight of his last nine games he went two for four last night with a triple in an rbi by the way the triple it was jaw dropping i haven't on the blog check it out at seven hundred wwl w dot com is the fastest recorded triple headed major league baseball this season what he does add of the box all the way around a third is just simply fantastic to watch billy's ten for his last thirty that's a three thirty three batting average he's walked four times he has a couple of doubles a triple and a homer here's what's odd and i guess at explanations but as i'm looking at billy's numbers today this jumped out to me he's played in thirty six games he has five stolen bases last year after thirty six games he had twenty stolen bases and he's getting on base more this year at this point then last year at this point now i don't know if that's guys not taking pictures behind him i don't know if that's the situation not dictating an opportunity for a steal maybe second base is occupied maybe they're not in a situation where it's advisable to run maybe it's batteries or first pitch swing but but i'll say that again five stolen bases by billy hamilton the entire season i'm sorry five stolen bases this season thirty six games in after thirty six games last year he had twenty and he's getting on base at a higher rate this year.

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