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I don't think he has a lot to prove as the runner though so now thanks to Dave Shipley. Two dollars as a super sticker. Really appreciate that. Thank you so much. And he also says that fourteen Robert says fourteen. Joey junior went sixteen There there you go in Ryan Kellerman says fourteen. But it's not gonna be hat not happening so there you go. It's it's health but will you be. I mean I'm going to ask the live chat. Will you be off his back if he gives you. Fourteen plus Games of health this year and he gains over one thousand yards Comes close to double digits in touchdowns there you go. I mean that that could be a possibility. But it's hard to believe until you see it so that remains to be seen. There's another guy we talked about resigning in. We're we're seen yes okay. People will be because that's all they want from James Conner they You know what Logan I'M GONNA mention this next because I was gonNA re mention the fact that we talked about Juju but Logan asked what's off his back. Want us to resign him. It's going to be hard to resign. Resign all those guys. Because you're gonNA think right even though the contracts not up in the same year because Tj What gets an extra year but he was drafted in that same year. You go start thinking about throwing money his way. And he's a definite sign. And you had Juju Cam Sutton and James Connor in that same class. One of them's going to be gone. But a lot of people are especially when we saw this leading up to the draft when everybody wanted Jay Dobbins or or any of those other players whether it be swift whether it be acres womb wanted running back pick early in it was Do they want that because he stay healthy or because they thought he sucked and I think most of it was because he couldn't stay healthy? So that's that's what I'm saying I mean. Are you going to be more protective of them and Talk more glowingly of him if he is healthier. And that's the thing. That's that's what the question is but with that being said we're getting ready to get to the The one hour mark so I really appreciate everybody Coming in thank you so much. We can't do this without you in the live chat tonight and as always you're the heart and soul of a this show so we really appreciate it. Tony. Thank you so much for coming in your final thoughts. I I just want to echo your sentiments. I really enjoyed the live chat tonight. He really brought it tonight. They were a lot of find so it was really fun. Spirited show so thanks a bunch Kathy Ford one of you. We're not supposed to have favorites. Kathy's favorite she's Kansas Kathy given us two dollars in the live chat for the Party Fund. I really appreciate it. We're GONNA have a great party once Once cove it ends in everybody's Hopefully back to their normal and remember speaking of Cova Nineteen. Please stay safe out there Please a medley safe physically safe. We value you all and thank you for. What much do it? We're GONNA continue to get through this together as well Cathy I gotta I gotTa Bring Kathy again. She says when she wins the HDTV SWEEPSTAKES PIT HOUSE BTC party. That's great but MRS bad has put in every single day to win that house so I hope you if I if if our family doesn't win it I hope you win it. That house looks off just awesome. And I'm thinking man I could get season tickets and I'd have. I have a house in Pittsburgh and I probably WANNA move to Pittsburgh because I lo- I gotta get back to Western. Pa sometime in my life. And I'd love to be back there but if you haven't had james to see the H. G. H. E. B. has that. They're giving it looks. It looks really cool. My wife's is the artwork. I'm like we could get rid of artwork blessings of free awesome house here about artwork But that'd be awesome. Tony you could put in for that too in that could be. That could be our. Bts's Party House as well. So Hardy Henschel but anyways Tony Thank you so much. Thank you guys. We will see you next week. You'll see me next on the steeler preview with one deputy Dave Scofield and the editor the Great Jefferson Hartman so we will be on Thursday evening.

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