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Go to wbap dot com slash portrait's just to speak personally i love the fact that the bush centers is is there i've been to a twice and it means a lot to me my children have been there with me my parents have been there with me when they've been in town visiting they wanted to go right away when it opened uh it's a very special place and i know you kicking yourself still have visited yes so this is the time to go see it and there's a lot of things i didn't agree to the mamba most agree on and he i have a lot of respect for him he's a wonderful man great president he's a treasure i'm glad he's with us here in the metroplex and the senators a great place that's just be speaking personally and if you don't have a picture of you like most of us do i'm talking most of us meeting everybody that i know off air on air can be somebody it works as a garbage men that i go to church was it doesn't matter who it is if you don't have a picture sitting at the desk in his oval office there that something's wrong with the of executive chris chris have you been in the bush center all my gosh i'm going to throw you look i want those if my our our special christmas tree at you yeah come at me bro he says i'm coming at you i've got the picture me and my family you know you sit there you're answering the phone at the white house i've as got the picture my mom's got to be we're all we all got i think you know there's a replica of the light of the oval office and you sit in there this this time it's not being ssali like bill clinton the bassir sheriff in lusanne he is done with the remember the nfl plo players are taking any are doing it because they hate the cops because i think cops are racist and are killing black people and so he says ford motor company is one of the big sponsors of the nfl ford has not they're actually ford has made a public statement supported the.

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