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Five as so-called. So I did not mean to do that. A so called good Samaritan requirement. Law is making its way locally up. The flagpole the drowning death of eighteen year old Adrian Diaz in September is driving a lot of the debate. Dude got drunk was severely impaired unable to walk into a bar with his friends colleague left him outside the bar on the Bank of retention pond. Someone else walked by left him. Again, said hey, you shouldn't be here. Adrian didn't respond. He mumbled and later that weekend. Police found his body in the pond he likely rolled down the Bank and couldn't get out of the water dam. State Representative John Cortes said that should be a crime bringing accountability to those who didn't do enough to render aid. That's a dangerous precedent a slippery slope. That's the thing when you get into situations. Like this every. You know, much like with every crime every situation is very different. So I would be worried if it becomes a precedent that we start using it in situations. Like like what where does that end though? I hate to be well what what's next guy? But I mean what what is next in what situations. Yeah. Work. It might be a crappy thing to think and do, but my life is way more important to me than your life is and I have a kid to live for and I will maybe help you by calling nine one one. Well that that's that would have been enough in this situation. Right. I mean, that's the thing. Just calling nine one one. You you have a moral obligation to do that. But should you have a legal obligation to do that? I mean, if there's somebody dying and you're watching it. I don't think there should never be a scenario where you're being legally charged if your life was that was it risks, right? If it involves you getting into a body of water or crossing a dangerous road that this can never work because sure you can't risk your own life. But I mean, you you should call. But what about like the people that? Oh my gosh. The retired firefighter who just lost his life. What two days ago because he got out on seventy five to help somebody and you got plowed into and killed seventy seven five seven nine one or two five. Hydro you grab a live. Who are you? I am Enrico. Hey, what's up? So I listen, I listen as much as I can. Thank you. Do any of you on the show? You have a problem with me listening to the show while I'm embalming back in the preference. Oh, wow. That's cool. That's cool. Del not at all. You can listen to the show doing anything. You'd like we appreciate anyone, and everyone who lessons did you go to the cremation conference that they had this past weekend, Clearwater beach, Tom. I did not. But I have some friends that went. But I I listen to the show I have one or two long time. And thank you, especially as I'm taking care of some folks. I just wanna make sure you guys were okay. Caring for those hundred folks bacon, listen to you as along with one hundred per so you've actually been listening to drew Grabow live with your hands buried inside of a corpse. If you want to phrase it that way. Yes, I've been I've been tending the recently departed got while listening to a show jazz it up knuckle deepen the dead. Yeah. Knuckle deep in the dead. Yeah. Thank you. If you could call up at now as well. What was your first name? Your knuckled knuckle deepen, the dead end Rica, and thank you, do you have a dead body with you now is there a dead person. Watching you talk to us. There is I have a young lady here that is going to be heading out to South Carolina later this week. How did she pass? Don't exactly know they'll tell you. I don't always know. I think it was a. It might be on.

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