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Meters running after high school again. It's like they're there's so much talent and there are there are really good runners In jamaica over over eight hundred meters but seems like Many don't continue past high school. So i'm really trying to figure out how we can change that course and use whatever i've learned in my life or whatever whatever connections. I have in my tenure. Almost ten year professional career Knowing college coach is knowing sort of The landscape of middle distance running other places in the world how we can get middle distance running to sort of stick and land and hold with women after nigga so tvd. but that is that is a mission for me as i continue my career and as i end my career that i wanna see more and more and more women competing national and international level. I love that. That's something that you're so passionate about and actively working towards so you know here's what's going to happen the pandemic eventually. I think i hope is going to end up like fully going to be back up and running and stronger than ever and all the timing is going to align and we only have three years now until the next olympics. So yes so. I have a feeling we're gonna see Even more women at the fifteen hundred distance and higher. I believe that i believe that. Yeah we got grace so after you officially secure spot on the team. How was training going. Generally speaking leading up to the olympics it was going great. I really had a rocky start to my season this year. My body was just off in a couple ways I was having like some weird health stopped going on this spring. It sort of finally got it resolved. All the pieces were coming together. And i really saw mike trials as like they're the book end of my struggles might early season struggles. And then you know opening that door to like the possibilities of things. Come so flew from jamaica. Over to switzerland to go up to san merits and joining Emma coburn corgi and joe arpaio And really dislike. Hit hard and be confident and be excited about new possibilities. The monk leading into the olympics. So everything's going great. I just I had entered this head space. That was really encouraging and Really cool if i think back on it of like just this radical acceptance of. Hey things didn't go. The way that i wanted them to go. But that's not the end of each. That's not the that's a period comma. And here i am. I'm gonna take things one day at a time. Literally what can i do you in the next hour. Have in my day. That i can optimize the south and go into the olympics with my goals unchanging and michael's being my biggest goal being making the olympic final and Fighting like hell to get out of to get out around one so It was awesome..

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