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Not gain much in his chill of Philly who tries to flip flop his way for extra yardage. And that will bring up second down in 9 with 44 seconds on the clock. And there's another time out. So when he states got one time out left, so you're going to go up here like we see another run from Florida state on this play. They're going to burn that timeout for third down. And then that's when you're going to have the decision to make if you're Florida state. If you get a little antsy because if this were the NFL, you'd be running it three times and trotting your field goal kicker out there. College kickers are a different animal and totally entrusting the game them is always a dangerous proposition. But remember going back to the end of the first half. That field goal for Ryan Fitzgerald. A 47 yarder, and you saw the entire team go out there and celebrate that. Confidence boosting moment. So now you've got a guy over on the sideline who might be getting ready to kick a potential game winning field goal on the road against a ranked team who feels like he finally got his mojo back. 44 seconds on the clock after the timeout, second and 9 from the 23 of NC state Lawrence to affiliate off the right hip of Jordan Travis. Four wide receivers, Tripp's left. He takes the shotgun snap as time in the pocket throws toward the end zone and that's going to be intercepted in the end zone. Florida sting was down by two caught in the end zone by NC states. For the turnover. I'm unsure what we just watched. As the rest are trying to make sure Cyrus fagan doesn't do something that they have to flag. He's merely waving to his student section that just happens to be on the side of the Florida state bench. Slowly try to slot fade to Micah Pittman again in this game. Devin boykin, who they picked on in coverage some. This time responds at the top of the route there's some hand fighting and so Micah Pittman pulls up short on the route. The ball gets thrown to his spot on a fade like that. The quarterback's thrown into a garbage can in the end zone. Throws it to a spot. We're only Devon boykin is at that point. My question is, why are you calling that play? A fade is a low percentage throw, especially down in the red zone. When I said passing as an option

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