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Or just some improvement advice, call us directly at 888654 guys. For 24 7 at the inside outside guys dot com for a quick response inside outside, guys have built a team to be here for you. The inside outside guys has brought to you in part by Sharon's heating and air conditioning. Hi, I'm Sharon, owner of Sharon's heating and air conditioning over 40 years ago. My goal was to build trust with every customer. Now we've grown to over 100 employees and are trusted by thousands. Would love the opportunity to earn your trust. That's why we're offering you a special $99 furnace tuneups or have us out to show you a new Bryant heating and cooling system. We service Oakland, Wayne and Livingston counties contact us today at Sharon's heating dot com. That's Sharon's heating dot com. Bryant whatever it takes. Most of us like to be out in the sun. That's my sunscreen and other safety measures are key to protecting your skin from aging and cancer. The FDA recommends using a sunscreen with a sun protection factor, or SPF, 15 or higher. Also look for broad spectrum on the label. That means both harmful ultraviolet A and B rays are blocked. You be a raise aged skin you be raised burn on both caused cancer. But the perfect sunscreen doesn't count If you use it wrong. Don't need sunscreen on a cloudy day. Wrong 80% of UV rays still get through. Behaves on ly use sunscreen at the beach. No. Anytime you're outside, you be race attack the skin So you need protection and you have to reapply sunscreen every two hours. Remember? SPF plus broad spectrum. If healthy fun in the sun visit www dot FDA dot gov slash sunscreen For more information, A message from the U. S Food and Drug Administration. Hey, everybody. Welcome into the rich Paul show. Thanks for tuning in to this edition of the program as we talk, investing, financing retirement, as always, with the guys from our W Fallin Associates. Stevin rich Paul certified financial planners here once again rocking the airwaves with me, and we chat about all this good stuff to 43 05 99 11 year number to call for that complimentary No cost or obligation review of your situation. 2483059911 gents, What's.

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