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Check in with this is a business rockstars we've got one here today again James Arthur ray from harmonic wealth global C. James thank you it's good to see you man behind the secret which is one of the most empowering books and movies I've ever seen I mean by getting the inside out why would I was one of the guys behind them okay but yeah I for this but yeah you know I think I think I really have is from the inside out whether it's a run a business to run alive you know who you are your results a reflection of you and what is it about some entrepreneurs to feel like they have to be the boss they have to be that means that you know the main you know do what I say I'm sure there are still people like that around I don't know why but I mean how do you change those people who go in every day no you respect me my doors close you can come in as well first of all I my personal belief is that if you're the smartest guy in the room you're in the wrong room I want to be in the room or on the list at least until the room because that's that's going to be some synergy and maybe I'll get some through osmosis I think a lot of that is is it ignorance and we're all ignorant you know we think that's a pejorative term but in the literal sense it's a gig there and they can order on solve something some fundamental fact and I think that's you know conditioning that because I have a position I have to be the smartest guy or gal in the room and and you know when you look at the businesses that are really thriving like a Zappos for instance or for many other states they are really an amalgam of a lot of great minds a lot of great input there's a lot to being a people person to write I mean getting involved in power along with your employees yeah I mean Daniel Coleman who is the guy in emotional intelligence his research proves that emotional intelligence projects business success far beyond you know intellectual intelligence and so that's an ability that we have to develop or hurt if we don't have it inherently then we probably need to be smart enough to bring someone on our team who has a let them handle the people issues James Arthur ray is our guest from harmonic wealth global and you know I think it takes a big man I mean this that was somebody at work and you're the boss to be able at the end of that day put your arm around the guys who look with a little you know the problem let's get over and now bowls call with that on your on your mind right I mean I think everybody can do that that's a great start it really is in fact I just happened to me this week with all my team members I I sit down with her and I said Hey look you know I'm I'm really sorry how I handled that I could handle it better in many cases sometimes I think the point I'm trying to make is right is right well my delivery is wrong and so I think that was right there yeah there is a way to do that right sure disagree with somebody in the delivery of the right way there there is I think what you have to keep in mind that in my experience is that you can you can adamantly disagree with the behavior but you never minimize the person and and that sometimes that's a finance right but as long as you hold the person in the highest regard you couldn't you can separate that and both of you talk about the behavior and now that's over here right but I'm always going to respect and honor the person and if you get good at them then you're really good yeah I was talking to a guy that works that works with us here and I had some ideas form and I said what about this what about that what about that and he was saying L. with good reasons all of them so I finally said with this conversation and pointless right he said a hundred percent that's great and we're both fine with that were very good friends you know how do you empower your employees or people around you our guide for one thing but how do you do that how do you transfer that well the fact is you don't people have to empower themselves and is a great leader what we have the ability to do is to create a context in an environment where they hopefully will do that it's tough tablet soliciting gives entrepreneurs to to start today with treating people better at work answered well I think we all have to remember there were ten ninety nine employees to live right I mean the congressmen well the country is going to be a faster than we know yesterday we want for sure I don't care you know if you're the CEO I was running a ten million dollar business and it was gone in a matter of months you know it can be gone just like that so if we can continue to remind ourselves that everyone on our team as a volunteer you know even if they're on payroll they can go elsewhere there there's nothing keeping them here besides hopefully passion purpose and and hopefully you're paying them well you know they're getting they're getting rewarded but that's the least of the three according to research so if we can remember that then we might begin to approach people a little bit more carefully analysts because virtual fermented because I I actually think that the best thing I've learned in my life in the last ten years is gratitude and I get up every day I make a gratitude list the morning noon and night and I really miss that and because I I look at those and I'll write down things that are obvious you know I'm a very great work and it's not a nice car I write things that you know fresh air clean water you know I go outside there's this plant I think people either think that that's not for them and they don't really know you realize it but they don't realize how great that is for your soul to look at that well it's not great for your soul but it it's great for your results you know off you may remember I was the guy in the secret who talk about gratitude my first book the science of success had a whole.

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