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Live from npr news in washington i'm nor rahm president trump said today there was no collusion between his campaign and russia as npr's laura walmsley reports the remark comes the day after his former national security adviser michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi just before flying to new york for a series of fundraising events trump was asked if he was concerned about what flynn might tell special counsel robert muller foul god what no killer no killer there's been absolutely has been absolutely no in so we're very happy flynn is the first former senior official from the trump white house to face charges in miller's investigation into russian interference in last year's election flynn's guilty plea it means a prosecutor's now have a cooperative source with information about the first few weeks of the trump presidency in a tweet on saturday trump said he had to fire flynn for lying to the fbi and the vice president about a meeting during the transition period with you then russian ambassador to the united states it's a shame trump tweeted adding there was nothing to hide laurel wamsley npr news moeller has removed an fbi agent from the investigation of russia's interference in last year's election reports said surface the agent had exchanged messages with another fbi employee methodist potentially seen as anti trump about five thousand people gathered outside utah state capital today to protest the trump administration plan to scale down to national monuments from member station and k u e r judy face has more republican leaders are asking president donald trump to shrink the deers years in the grand staircaseescalante national monuments basie casper's overreached by creating them but environmental groups in need of americans say mining in offered vehicles will wreck public lands that are sacred and national treasures protester loss in the gates as trump's out of line those lands belonged to all americans every american has a stake in the outcome of this issue monuments supporters say they'll sue with trump reduces the national monuments for npr news i'm judy phase in salt lake city harvard has agreed to hand over admission documents for member station wgbf h kirk carapace of reports that apartment of justice is investigating possible discrimination against asianamerican applicants last month the justice department threatened to sue harvard if it didn't handover admissions data by december first harvard said.

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