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Southeast Southwest Freeway. It'll have you on the eastern and across the 11th Street Bridge to go north on de Sea route to 95 Dave Tilden. Wt o p. Traffic off We go toe Amelia Draper's storm team for latest on our forecast after plenty of clouds today, maybe even noticing a few Sprinkles and Florey skies mall slowly clear out overnight. Tonight is temperatures fall into the mid twenties to low thirties for overnight lows. The Sunshine is back tomorrow partly than mostly sunny skies throughout the day on your Tuesday and warmer with highs tomorrow in the mid forties to around 50, so we'll be running above normal tomorrow and we continue to warm a little bit Wednesday on into Thursday with high temperatures Wednesday and Thursday, warming to around 50 degrees. Mostly sunny skies on Wednesday beautiful sunshine in the forecast on Thursday. Clouds increased throughout the day on Friday, with the chance for some late day showers. Some wet snow may have been mixed in overnight. I'm strong Team four meteorologist Amelia Draper currently 44 degrees in the nation's capital. Nobody. T o p news time. 3 30 This'll is w t O p your resource for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W T o p Never miss a moment. W T O P s TOP news is brought to you by van Meter Homes Find a home That's right for you at Van Meter Homes calm. Good afternoon on Brendan Hazleton, and I've Sean Anderson like Jakarta. Is this our producer? Just ahead. House Democrats make their first attempt to force President Trump from office on Capitol Hill. I'm Mitchell Miller.

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