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But yeah i would imagine that. They're probably gonna be doing something similar like that for richard donner at all the cons for the rest of this year. Maybe even Going into Next year oh yeah around an off the list though. I definitely gotta put Nine hundred eight scrooge on there as well one of my top all time favorite bill. Murray movies is Is not at the top top. Like as far as the top three spots but is definitely at the top yeah. I love scrooge. Every single time The holidays come about that's particularly christmas. That's one of the main movies that i always go to and i bust out. Our bus sow scrooge. It's wonderful life miracle on thirty four thirty four thirty four. Th street argon christmas story. You And i also out groundhog day. I boss groundhog day. Yeah those are the ones that are want so recipes. Richard donner hundred. And now let me see how long we've been going so far we've been going about. What like almost ninety minutes. Yeah we've been going about about hour thirty five minutes Just trying to see what else we can get into as you know. We're kind of winding down Just a little bit. Look i know all the big craze that came from last week was the fact that zelina vega returned to the wwe or we now see that she's involved in the money in the bank ladder match for the women's side of the contract. And all that you got a lot of people. That's look at selena vega returning to the company and you got those that are essentially calling her a hypocrite. Because of her talking about you know. Hey we need a unionization and look. She did put out a statement in regards to her. Wwe return and She a- wrote on social media what to take from tonight. I'm back. I'm going to be in the money in the bank ladder match and i will win period. Everything else is irrelevant. And she kept it short sweet and simple Look you know as far as her being back in the wwe and everything.

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