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I definitely wanted to touch on. This is a long state of the queer union. But was working. I feel like those of us that are listening are enjoying do your thing. All right. Well, this is big this happened in your own backyard, and my own former backyard and knowingly exposing someone to HIV will no longer be a felony in California. Oh, yeah. Oh, see. Yes. So governor Jerry Brown wing Li knowingly exposing someone to each of you will no longer be a felony in California. It's going to be so Gary governor Jerry Brown signed a Bill Friday that lowers from felony to a misdemeanor. Jerry Brown's not our government and be more. It's Gavin Newsom. Oh, well, when does that start because this article LA thirty started well governor Jerry Brown signed the Bill. I don't know. He was like do outside. Good point librarian. I'll is not the clock. Day you could get away with. I've I don't know who the governor is I'm literally account for your resident. I kept I on that race to with Gavin Newsom. I would've voted for him. While somebody signed this Bill. Governor governor of California's I those spell so this also plays to giving blood. Now, this was led by my blue state, Senator Scott Weiner, who I was supposed to get set up on a date with. But did not, and we'll see what what he's a bed is a random, can, you know, I have I just want nothing more than to marry some gay politician, man. I will be somewhat. Okay. No. I wanna be the Robin right to his Barack Obama. Don't. It was a lot. I like those of their those some good dexterity there. I want to applaud you on. Because you you cherry picked the good. Yeah. 'cause like I is your like Robin right to his and I was like. Because also like I don't wanna be clear under what I want to be the acts like the actor and actress. Right trysts to marry politician, man. So glad you got my cherry pick Corless, really good. And you did that off the cuff? It's well, it's something I've been thinking about like, maybe. Okay. So my boo was saying that today, California took a major step treating HIV as a public health issue instead of treating people living with HIV as criminals HIV like all other series and pictures diseases. And that's what this Bill is doing. So the idea that it's going to reduce stigma and the commercialization of someone's health issue, essentially, and it's believed the current deters people from wanting to get tested from knowing. HIV status. An HIV is not the death sentence at once wise. Remember, what happened to tiger dingo who ended up survey tenure presence prison service? We talked about like episode six way back in the day. This has been used to send many game in around the country to jail often by a jury not of their peers, you just see them as gay and evil lock them up like that either. So porters of the Bill also said that women engaging in prostitution or also disproportionately targeted with criminal charges. Even cases infection was not even transmitted. So here's my thing. And I usually, you know, me I am as liberal as they come. But if someone knowingly infected with HIV, I would be pissed I'm not saying that I want them to be seen as a felony. But I do feel like I mean, like it's the same thing like with any STI. Well, that's the thing. That's what they're treating. And so. That you're committing someone to murder, and you're and so really like we haven't changed our stigma Arale worked through them in my own brain, which is good. Actually, this teams with another thing that just happened..

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