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Fort collins colorado two heavyweights me vanderbilt. Colorado state. I don't know a ton about vanderbilt except that they're really bad at college football. Both teams of inner bill in colorado state loss to team although it seems like colorado state they lost to south dakota team. That's pretty solid from what i can tell vanderbilt. The last time they faced amount west team they were sixteen and a half point favorites and lost outright thirty four days. Unlv v. i just cannot understand why anyone would be betting vanderbilt colorado state minus sixes a to me. It's easy money. What am i missing. Koby if anything. You're not missing anything because we are on the ramseyer looking east tennessee. State look for eighty five yards against east tennessee state. Colorado state's got better defense than east tennessee state. So i expect they're gonna make clark throw the ball and another thing is i mean that's a far trip as far trip to the fort collins. Look normally i like to fade. Stephen dalmatian yeah retire bandy plays actually look i mean the last time the sec came to fort collins. Arkansas took a loss just a few seasons ago. I think they'll get it right and colorado state to roll. And i really think that rushing attack. Look at From last week adagio we know what his teams do. They run the ball. They take care of the rack normally poor special teams. Hopefully that doesn't burn them. But i just think there are much better team in a much. Better spot vandy still in new system clark new coach coach and i think losing twenty three two three even though you outgained The other team. But you lost the turnover battle three. Oh twenty three to three still matters. Worse how state on the other hand they also outgained south dakota state minus two in the turnover battle but south dakota state is a national championship contender at the fcs level. So we know that. Your fcs experts the jackrabbits right. Did i get about that. So unfortunately i hate to be on our side with you call in this situation but yeah colorado's why would you hate to be. I'm only at sixty two percent picking every game. It's true it's sometimes you just have to see the stream and figure out its move because some of these teams are just fade at this point. Yeah and vanderbilt. Certain fits that build illinois heads charlottesville. Virginia virginia laying ten right now minus four hundred on the money line for the cavaliers. Fifty five is the total now. Little boy had that upset win against a brassica week. One last week to now they had the uva catching ten points can get get the illinois fighting the line. I ready to go for this game called me. Where are we at now not at is if you look at an outlier if you look at the stats you saw nebraska was maybe it's maybe it was more about nebraska just blowing that game even though illinois was trying to give it to him. I was on. Utsa last week was the better team. Begins illinois. sorry calling the roadrunners baby there. You go but look virginia yes. They're playing william and mary. Shut him out forty-three nothing. But what i liked about bronco mendenhall. I took virginia to win. The coastal is really brennan armstrong. After his first couple of games last year he struggled out the gate brand new starter but then to end the season they were hot. He was for three hundred thirty nine yards last week. I know it's against enough. So yes but illinois was not that good no against nebraska and against utsa. And i think another thing is the defense. Look at the passing attack william and mary through for eighty nine yards. Eighty nine yards. We'll guess what whether it's peter's arthur hausky. They're not going to have any success in the arrogance. A bronco fast. Liked what i did there. I didn't pronounced quarterback. I let colby pronounce it. I art deco scheme. The only thing. I am. I getting cute here and thinking that. Uva is possibly looking ahead to unc. Next week it looks looking past illinois and maybe illinois gets this cover. No i mean. Look the unc game shore. That's a big game within the coastal. But i just think. I think illinois is not a good team. I think that's the reality is is that this is a team. That's gonna to win every single game play charlotte charlotte in a week or two. We saw at charlotte. Just did the duke. I think every week it's going to be a grind. There's not much explosion on that offense give me. Uva minus nothing has fans back fans mac and charlottesville alive. Place gonna matter much insurance bill. But i will say this. There's nothing better than a bad team performing well early in the season. So you get a little invited value. And it's much as i hate. Uva hate the city of charlottesville. I'm gonna lay the points here. Because i don't think bret bielema. Even though he did learn under the great tutelage of gioja jal rise there in new york for year. Coaching the linebackers. I think to your point scott. Frost was more that way and was more about scott frost. Dumpster fire of nebraska. Than it is about. Larry here this episode or good buddy larry. The cable guy's gonna be all worked up about. Yeah i'm with the guys i'll i'll take. Uva minus ten kramer. Are we a little real little worried about colby and his six pack. Five games in hasn't sniffed dog yet in this six. You guys made me take away. National texas state employees and coby has been red hot but the six pack actually like always picking existence. We're broadcasting beautiful studio. Don't bring that ugly game in that game was not fit for the beautiful blue wire studios whole why oregon state in core values oregon oregon state land eleven minus four fifty on the money. Line total sitting at three and a half hawaii really got destroyed by ucla week one but team though and again now that we have two games of data. Why would the nice bounce back win over portland state oregon state. They lost at home Do i think they're going to get up for this game. But i also think hawaii has some town for watching the ucla game. They were clearly a little bit out of sync. But i think it was more just about how good ucla was. I'm certainly concerned about hawaii's defense but this number seems too big for me. I'm probably gonna take the rainbow. Warriors catching eleven me. What are you doing here. Oregon state was on the road last week. This is the first game back in corvallis. So that's why. I'm going with the home team here. Man in portland state do for four hundred yards on hawaii last last week. blew my. I had hawaii locked up in portland. Stake got that back door cover. But i just don't think they have the passing attack cordero. I liked cordero. I don't think he's there yet Oregon state gonna get need. If they're going to have a bowl season is a must win game for them. They lost the fifty fifty game with purdue. They had a couple of quarterbacks play but overall they still shell out pretty good. That was a close game against purdue and hawaii.

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