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Of that alec core utilizing any latte or not utilizing right that opposed to that. It's so hard right. I mean how can you grow up against facebook for instance You know she's being short. Five hundred billion dollars and thirty thousand staff. It's difficult and so the the way to do it is to teach people judicious interaction with these platforms. So i prefer. Someone didn't have a facebook page or didn't use it and there's reason to actually keep your facebook page if you have it because you're kind of planting your flag it becomes harder to impersonate you if you've had your your page there and you don't have to use it But once once. Data's doesn't share with facebook. You're not going to get it back so if you can kind of use it to create one new version of you on facebook. There's an argument to do that. And the same for any social media platform but the reality is like look at how you're looking at how you're interacting with these pathogens. What are your data sharing settings in your phone or on your laptop. What credentials did you give them when you create your accounts. Did you use your one g mail account that use for everything else. Did you use a single purpose. Email address what is your password. What are your second factor. I log in authentication mechanisms like all these things. You can do to make it better. And i'll just take lincoln as an example. So if i have linked page it's useful to me in kind of the professional world. If you go into the lincoln privacy settings there's probably fifty or sixty privacy settings and some of them are actually pretty good now. This doesn't make lincoln sort of benign tech platform. They're still collecting data and reselling it. But you can go in and limit the amount of information that's available to non linked in users and to even people that are in your lincoln network and you can also limit the availability of that data to be resold so it's better than just kind of the baseline and with any of these things you have to go back in from time to time and check because they'll reset it they'll do some kind of platform update or a new terms of service and they'll reset those rules back too permissive. So they can collect again but you know if you are going to live in the world and interact with these platforms. The best way to do it is to consider the risk And kind of go in treating them as hostile and minimizing that action yet also probably one good piece of advice is don't cross boasts things on different social platforms to avoid this. The same content definitely ties to accounts together so yeah use slightly different versions of things and the example. I went a little far. Probably full full most people. But i'm having like a did get an email address on the twenty domain name on my facebook accounts and recently i remove all the content from it Which w will lead to suspension of their account when beta what about occupying ground. I think that that's a very important thing. Because i wanted to to remove my dinka counter few years ago and actually difficult like that's very bad. Move because anyone can create an account in my name using pitcher from another place. And i will not even know about it. If i don't have one another one. I wanted to ask you about i asked you about it. When we first got together. I think regarding be peons abused. Vpn a long time. I definitely recommend people use. Vpn's if they can they're getting much more user friendly easier to use on phones these days and all the rest of it. But still if. I'm searching for anything on even like braver. Whatever but i'm logged into my google account on that browser not a browser or whatever if you're not careful about that and you're logged into basically google does not completely at least from google perspective. Negate the purpose of the vpn. Because you're still log into google while you're searching for stuff near his even woes because this way you utai these vpn outbound to your identity so although services using at the same time from the same vpn will eventually have your identity like forget and so you log out of browser and then you log in. I don't know amazon or something. Should he used different. Vpn's different services. Or you know things that are tied to your identity tied to your name even like dan. Do you guys have any best practices there about how you can use a vpn around those things. Are you just build a place on the market for a solution to us like you know these cube zora's operating system which isolates every art inner in like visual machine Maybe like if each of these isolated environments had the different detention outwards points That would be something interesting to do. But generally if you're talking about on the phone it's probably pretty hard right. I mean you gotta be very careful about cabin. This browser the browser and going to amazon app. Where my name is connected. Like i download an audio book. It's not that easy to really sort of obfuscate these different places where you're searching online on mobile. You probably have to have one device which is tied to your identity and use it like a regular device and that is totally disconnected. Yeah agreed mobile is a super hard because because of the fact that it moves. There's all these data collection points that are unique to mobile a really hard to get around. Because only your phone moves with you in the way that you go around the world right pattern of life. And so it's a fingerprint. So you can kind of do infinitely wise things on the device but as long as it goes at the same gym at the same time the same school the same office and residential address. And all that. It's going to be your phone no matter what you do. You use one for every abuse. Yeah i mean so. There's this privacy podcast. It's called the privacy and security podcast hosted by this guy named mike basil. Who's kind of one of the gurus of privatizing. He lives a very extreme version of that life and so he actually turns off his phone at within a certain radius of its and never had a cell phone on his home And so you know. He lives his life that way. But right that's really difficult for the average person. And if you have little kids or you know you have family that you care for you have a job that requires you to be constantly available. Those things aren't really achievable for the person. It's funny i mean like even if the company is sort of genuinely trying to know that we had talked we've run he was he was sort of taken. Some some small jabs at apple but still apple has done a lot. I think in recent years for the individual but still even then they're lasts upgrades and stuff and facebook getting mad then even then like an apple if you doing google maps and they say like a want to allow always allow once and even if you say once and it's from like your home and then you've used that before before those settings were initiated with that lending still pretty easy i imagine for google where you have and they know they know probably fifty other actors anyway. Yeah it's almost impossible and so what can you do like in my opinion. Just don't be the easy target. Don't over share don't intentionally give it to him Make it harder you can. You can minimize it but to get around entirely might be too hard. So what about this one. This another one is about ten days ago. We can half ago. I saw the headline tucker carlson cable news host here in the us he claimed due to old fashioned e mail that he understood that the nsa was spying on him they. Some conversation basically made big news a lot of hoopla over one day rand paul said we should look into it yada yada and then of.

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