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Ooh let's actually to bans in one from kinshasa the capital of congo we heard the ah the band called bone wanna star with their guests members of their fellow contrast the band can no no number one who were a big splash on the world music scene back in the first decade of the century with their thumb pianos in their weird kind of amplifier systems made out of car parts and stuff very distinctive sound that among us star uses to good effect in that song called molokai before that fraud burkina fasso landlocked country in west africa we heard from baba commandant not his real name and the mandingo banned baba commandants sings and plays the ongoing either traditional hunters guitar of west africa and that we heard a song from their albums yuegui up you'll notice i'm not attempting that song title again i think i hurt myself the first time round we began that sat in mali with the guitarist hub kwok day and featuring the molly in rapper master sue me the song was called ballantyne on which means football and we're listening on this edition of new sounds to some music from western and central africa but especially to contemporary music with kind of a modern sound or modern gloss to it but that still uses traditional instruments we've already heard things like the balaphone which is these lila phone mike instrument the core which is the west african harp is coming up in this next piece you'll hear lots of interesting string instruments and percussion as we head through the hour but right now an instrumental track from the guitarist boubacar traore a veteran molly and musician writes a lot of songs does the fair amount of singing but does occasionally give you these beautiful little instrumental tracks this one is called seen a musso djougou and it features it sounds like two tracks of guitar and one of the core which blends beautifully in with the sound of the acoustic guitar here's boubacar trowel ray on new sounds.

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