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So what i for kevin hart's position or just for jeff probst position think for kevin hart's which was really great so you know i think i think could really put together like a proposal for the casuals and i think we could become their leaders yeah i think just like get on board with the fact that just laurel decided the entire thing no one else sorted and i mean honestly if i thought and if that was true i would be pretty angry i get it that's true i'm still hung up on day on the idea of dane cook making an appearance in the finale yeah i don't know if that that was supposed to be a dig at dane cook a dig at kevin hart dig it survivor somebody actually wanted dane cook on i don't know we can also new game coming into summer it's called tko air patrol see they should co host earliest he should do the foley for for tk so i guess my discussion question that i brought i guess we'll tie nice bow on this season is we talked about this with miles actually let's separate i guess our personal season rankings into you know top third middle third bottom third in sections of twelve right now telling us gut feeling without re watching this season yet we're just ghost island lay for you top middle or bottom shannon i think it's right at the top of the bottom section i think i like the fees in a little bit more than most really liked the characters and as i said that awesome finale and that click.

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