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Of Crain. Communications Casey crane On the line with us this. Morning, Tanya Allen skillman foundation, president and CEO good, morning Tanya Good, morning Casey how. Are you I'm great thanks so much for joining us early this morning oh it's my, pleasure I couldn't resist, being on the. Air with, you John One of the one of the favorite things I've heard you talk about was up in mackinac this. Year And you had a very simple way. Of you know basically summing up the health? Of. A city than it has to do with the kids can you, talk a little bit about. That sure happy to I often ask audiences a simple question and that is and how are the children and I use that framing that question because the Masai tribe which is an African tribe access question whenever they, would greet each other in, that was basically there greeding basically. Asked them how is society if our society if our, children are well the most. Vulnerable are doing well then our society as well if I are, not well then our society isn't well and it's unfortunate right now. In our city and in our state our children are not doing great and it is time for us it focus our attention on them and you run the skillman and have done such a wonderful job and it's amazing work because All you do is focus on the children We've talked a lot this morning already about all, the great things, that are happening in Detroit but you know better than anybody if we, can't figure, out some of these educational pieces. You know we're not going to move forward That's. Exactly right and I think that we have great opportunities before, us so I would say two things that I would be really I think I'm very excited about and I think that people should put their energy and efforts behind the first. Is an effort that is it's called launch Michigan which is a group of leaders up every stakeholder group across the. State who have decided that we are going to focus on this issue regardless of who is in. Political leadership we want political leadership to support us and to help implement the things that we believe are going to be critical but we just believe we have, to move this out of partisanship and focus on our Civic Leadership and then the second thing. I would say it's the Detroit children's fund which you are very familiar with as a as, a chair of, the Detroit children's fine which focuses on making investments in high performing schools, and increasing, the number of high performing school In Detroit if we don't have great. Schools for our kids in the city and a great school, for our kids in the states, there is no way our state is going to be prosperous and. That we're going to be able to retain the momentum and, energy that we see happening in our city today so this is really a generational play we have to figure out how we're going to. Make our state resilient and durable for. Up academies and down the only way that you do that is by having a talent base that is highly skilled. Highly prepared and I believe that the best place we can make that investment is in our children. And talk a little bit about that the talent base we hear conversations that you know whether it's skilled trades or or engineers we can't find enough people to, work in the city talk about that issue with with education as well that's exactly right so Obviously, there are lots of positions that are open that we need to feel and most of those positions are technical be they, skill trades or you know a technical in terms of stem. Careers as well but we also have a shortage of teachers so we have a shortage of teachers across our state. We hundreds of open jobs right so. In Detroit along we probably have about three hundred openings and both Detroit public schools and in charter schools and. So one of the big initiatives that we will be taking a look at how do we, make our, city the most attractive place for teachers to want to work so we have to do things that are going to incentivize them. And attract them, just like we would try and attract engineers or IT professionals to a, place we need to do that for teachers as well, we need to honor them I think that when. We think about. Poor Schooling or poor education and especially because of. The trajectory the downward. Trajectory, that Michigan has been on we often want sometimes you hear people blame. The teachers and the teachers are not, the fault of what is going on, in our state what's happening in our status really. Policy issue so we need to honor our. Teachers celebrate them and try to get them to come. Into our schools it's unfortunate, that? The children who need, the best teachers are actually without teachers or they have probably the teachers who have the. Least amount of skill we need to figure out how to flip that where.

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