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A ratio of key feet at bb day if peace is cb cbn variety which is good frank diety ptsd uh ed fleet disorders so his and we're looking at as you're talking about this already audience can't see this but will post this up to our twitter followers and years well but our tv audiences looking at a graphic you're the kind of walk right through what you just said of for for the product p one through p five and it looks like you've got to be packaging is well on every rush you had a question because i found out again through dog and ernie that thc activates if the certain temperature and there's a way to extract seen from the cannibus plant with all its rise let's talk about that the the the you know the stoning it's the temperature specific talking about that you mentioned that a while ago yeah is guy so if we want to the it see a up your to walk out on the field grabez bought the plant start chewing on it you might be a little bit but you're not going to feel the high that you associate with with smoke marijuana so we do a cold propped up the mechanical separation using ice and water and this allows us to extract the p v eight did with the trophy and then if we want to use that in the not acted medicine we use that if we want to activated we heated up in activated and then we use it as a as a regular thc dolphin not early before let's get out of here once again only black man is our is our resident canada's expert here on the big show a united canada us is their website and of course there stocks symbol of publicly traded.

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