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Either what's his name since moses as a camel cold moses what's your name i'd late how much for a ride on moses fifty pounds sixty ago some of the fifty pounds so that's about two and a half dollars come on then let's go moses them ready steady ooh when you hold on i'm out oh my word well i'm up a narrow about two or three meters off the ground feels like her seventy moses is serenely taking me up the hill towards the great pyramid oh so adly how his business of the moment how his business each new vision is lofty likud legit cinch no foreigners just egyptian museum senators would be able to sinn are there will fall hold on one hundred buses 200 does now at about two bus three bronze finish two or three buses while that is a big big drop what nationalities used to come here what different countries did you meet people from voters tanya medicare named bannya it you would here on now vis ship off the new move more add butler in egypt all a far cry from miami florida a tourist mecca where ed was later on in the air before the us state was battered by repeated storms and harkens there is growing concern in florida an existential crisis summa calling it in economic terms this is some of the most valuable real estate to be under threat moving the million homes a just a meter above the high tide line here and within the next few decades many of them could be water it doesn't make you wonder why up more people panicking about it when the headlines come out and say market is crashing then it's going to be absolutely rats off of the ship but i've not seen anywhere he by saying that the rising sea levels are going to seriously affect property in the next thirty years that's mortgage broker continent hunt well he may not have heard of.

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