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Vanderbilt ibm schedule amended nine times but think about the five or six teams you're going to face knee s see a year that you know are very tough opponents um and it but it is it still prestigious job but you'd have to find the right fit there the gulf coach who's going get in the recruits in plain a system that let's make a difference all right there's gonna be looking for a coach to in that that's a prestigious both m two absolutely are are you can do any high school games today i'm hoping to be at the providence game inuit scheme of like the taken that double atr kgb i you whiting um we queer property and lincoln way used in morris still the chance to make it to the championship game so i'll legal all make it our app but they're going to be creek golf games absolutely i i think morris in in just reading were were you know what i came out of what i have time to this last week but uh it moore's might have the best shot who of going to a championship game how you would they're playing a chicago public league team far guy and his whose name uh uh i don't know a lot about them but uh this is a great opportunity for morris to get back to a state title game you only get away these when a tough match up rematch against means south tough and providence his tang with nasreen who knows very good football programme so uh for the fixing and eight eight contenders it's not going to be easy uh morris.

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