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Our phone number one eight hundred two two two five two two two or and get to the calls him a second let me set the table high alexis by the way harrier glad to have a lexus garcia here a one to ten them were were talking in great detail about the exchange between all of our ball and president trump i have gone on my knees i'm hoping that someone out there listening and kbc radio land since the text to all of our ball i liked the debate him i think his words have a collateral damage affect on the impact in this community regarding his uh excuse of his son's criminal activity and i think there's a lot of damage to his word uh uh alexis and you you mentioned the other angle beat performers do now leaked the the damage to the university yeah i mean it just the the idea of not taking any personal responsibility which i again his kid maybe completely different at by going out there and acting like this says i mean it here's the thing any of you guys could go to china right now and break the law and you would be sucked they're not going back got me back on the record you're not gonna spend two weeks in a hotel an have your passport return and they come back on a first class point let's go to the falls let's get your phone calls you've been waiting for a long time richer and when i first of all thank you thank you for holding hannah ain't gave a happy thanksgiving and please give us your opinion her everyday if you other legal my opinion is is heal kenya because uh the fact of the matter you know i feel cut a disgrace what you said leo about the what good is pretty student have to do with it you know there's black america straight is a lot to do with uh for being out of trouble 'cause you learning your uh threers right so uh if donald trump was in russia and he was in china that knows wasn't even hit us what jet magazine right i'm a i'm a i'm a locus he has petty theft right gathered avenue is a pretty it broke national here rather school this who is hey even you.

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