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Samsung's president of mobile business a code dong jin told the associated press that the company has a goal of reducing a galaxy note smartphone we they bendable display in 2018 samsung first demo to be flexible display prototype cold youm at yes in 2013 song also said it has received six hundred fifty thousand pre orders for the note eight two point five times the number it received further notes seven in the same period of time a that's pretty impressive i i actually i'm not surprised that the noted a selig well that it's selling two and a half times as well as the note seven is is surprising it's a i i don't mean that in i don't mean to dammit with faint praise surprising that it's that popular it's that good of a phone i guess so so people are willing to order it so you know i was always one who didn't want to overplay the fears of the note seven had the battery problems no one will ever order one again but this is quite a lot better than i would have expected yeah i think it's the same for me it's definitely you know contradicting my initial reaction wendy note seven issues surfaced that the brand was dead i was obviously ioc thought that the brand was going to have to be retired than samsung very steadfast glee proved me and many other people wrong i'm wondering if there isn't a at least a portion of that increase in number coming from people who did have a note seven or who were wandering about buying a note seven eldaw offer gutted reimbursed and thought you know old see what i do and may be i do want that specific feature set of the note phones and i am satisfied with what's a samsung has done and i'm happy i consider the notes eight two year save choice until maybe they delayed their purchase maybe that's part of it.

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