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All uh although i'm not even sure how good of a job it is right now with everything that's happened in that administration i think it it then you make 45 in that end and there there's where you stand and i don't know him how i've got is a bra makes three and a half now so kind of their tell you what you're talking about half an offer four and a half per year from tennessee i would i would imagine if that's the case four and a half the five i wouldn't considered if i were jeff brown for only a million more a year to go from from purdue i was at at under fire i mean you're you'd have to give you'd have to give me the seven million to to do that to my reputation i mean yeah i i see what you're saying to leave to leave a team hanging after only one year you better get you a letter succeed at that point here i hurting your reputation you better be going to tennessee for life if you do that because because it's going to affect the way that future 80s think of you and look the same thing could come up i mean we you know there's a there's a lot of smoke right now around florida state and the possibility of jimbo fisher leaving and supposedly florida state's top target would be willie taggered at oregon and it would be the same things over taggart where he would be leaving a power five school after only one year now obviously were way further along with the tennessee thing for the state doesn't have an opening yet but it is it is a question and i look i know lane kiffan did it going from tennessee to usc after only one year but i i think there are a whole lot of coaches out there who just wouldn't consider doing it even if it.

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