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Drycleaners. They will come to you free pickup and delivery by that. Check it outside and you can get some information about that. Great local company ozo- to usa dot com all right back to rapid fire. So today marks seventy six years since the. Us dropped atomic bomb on hiroshima here. Shema however you want to say look. We have the olympics there in japan. Amazing seventy six years later. Yeah is our only nuclear war. Knock on wood goodness and then. He dropped another one on nagasaki. Three days later felt another seventy thousand people then that ended the war. They're like oh terrible time Then this is going to happen in. I believe september twentieth. And i think mick jagger is the same age as joe biden is seventy eight that puts everything in perspective. Semi hagar is the same age as bill. Clinton look at those two differences while well series and he lives on tequila or semi behavior. There we tequila a bill. Clinton doesn't look good these days. Better with tequila kidding. Oh bill clinton doesn't do right now. It's bad so rolling. Stones are gonna be playing a private concert for new england. patriots. In robert kraft. And you said the. The conversation our microphones were. They're gonna be amazing so it's going to like this. Here's keith richards. Greeting bob to bob just going to go into patriot. Most patriots the patriots champions gate. Let's all head down to orchids of asia. Ooh hey the day spa So he's got two hundred guests. Gillette stadium robert kraft. That should be fun for the stones. The chance to tighten up their band before they launched their another tour. going on. you got practice on the stadium stage anyway by bob's house. You know the you know what. I was thinking. Oh they'd be good for super bowl halftime. They were super bowl halftime. What two thousand four never let did the criticism was there. Were too old. And that's how we wound up with stinkers like the weekend. Yeah we used to have rolling stones on the who and paul mccartney where is rock and roll. Come on bring it back please. greta. Van fleet's yeh. They're bringing the rock those kids from detroit. Yeah fluently read up. There led zeppelin one yet. They do sound like led zeppelin. If you're not talking about just looking to really okay. So this. Gifted bottle of japanese whiskey. That was supposed to go to mike. Pompeo is missing okay. This is the stupidest story in the world because the state department has spent a week looking for stupid bottle of whiskey. I'm thinking there's more important things going on in the world people why you can't accept a gift but you you don't want to insult the gifting company a country so they somehow to avoid embarrassment to the donor they they put it through the government archive this fifty eight hundred dollars. First of all. Why does it cost six grand for a bottle of tequila. Wow i mean i mean whiskey. baby was made right after the nuclear era. That's special juice in it. I don't know the pompeo avenue clue what your whereas my probably drank it. Come on yes. We'll someone drank it. Can you imagine that party. We sam same hager. Drank is tequila whiskey. All right moving on this Was not mike tyson but forty five year. Old man is accused of biting off a piece of his friends ear during a fight at a florida. Keys hotel poor dope perio. It's just another day in the forty keys. Yeah pretty much hap- so this is kind of funny. According to the monroe county sheriff's office it began when james williams put one of his past out friends in a maintenance wheelbarrow poured beer on her always pushing into to the hotel room and then pushing in chevy began. When two other men and two women got involved in it and so anyway there's choking and there was a then busier. Few people sounds like a good time to me i think. And what was his intent with the girl in the wheelbarrow. That's what started the plight. Let's look at this. Is the tuesday night on wall. Street is what it sounds. Kind of regular dealer special teams units proved why preseason is necessary. Got to work out the kinks. Yeah apparently steelers top cowboys. Sixteen to three but What the two teams combined. three misfield goals nagy harris. Thank you had twenty two rushing yards. I could have done that in my wedding dress. Five months pregnant a garrett gilbert through one hundred four yards and rico dowdell. rico's out all people that will be working back at a plant today. Okay the border canada. These are called camp bodies. Go down south. rico rico. swazi three yards. He rushed for dallas. Never heard of him. Wow these are these guys. They put in a uniform but the real players will get hurt. This different harris has said he was playing and then finally last time. I'm gonna play gen big song but not the last time you'll hear it. Yeah you got all we still. That's alex kleinman in april ross. Well this bill chagrin the volleyball's over right. Well we just want another one but They won gold. And here's telling myself that we can do it. Okay and why do you hate her olympic women. Don't she's she's a little cousin. Here's what she sounds like. She looks great. Still wanna gold. Where do we stand with the gold medals. Are we winning there. We are four behind china. Figures thirty four to thirty but were killing. The overall ninety two aurora eighteen ahead of china. There i think we're gonna lead both categories happen in. We'll have the most goal. What we we still both men's and women's basketball gold medal match which the men play tonight at ten thirty by the way against france. Beat us in the beginning. Rats right those guys some boxers. This keyshawn one men women's volleyball regular volleyball indoor escobar. So that's four right. There certainly won't be the men's four by one hundred meter relay make out. Final wasn't good. Arial that wraps up rapid-fire what great radio coming up next karen. Speaking of the olympics apparently a majority of americans have a ridiculous idea of how well they would do it these games. This is the stupidest wrong with i. It's not my role to de motivate people. But come on. you're not gonna hold your own up. Sorry to see the sports. They said they could. We win a medal. We gotta rip that one apart but we got some more headlines coming up next these south florida morning. Show jen bill here. Newstalk eight fifty the morning. Show this jen diener. I'm bill welcome to friday almost into the weekend. Thanks for hanging out with us in this corner five foot but i don't know three white house. Press secretary jen psaki. The governor has taken steps that are counter counter to public health recommendations and in the end of the red corner. They call them. The savage florida.

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