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News time. 905 ART Sanders. TOP local stories from the Comb over 24 7 News Center. Washington Senior U. S senator joined Frontline health care workers they hear their needs is the new Congress works on more covert relief. More from comas, Ryan Harris. The bottom line from those health workers is that they need money to get through the pandemic, but they also need the supply of vaccine to get shots to everyone. Democratic Senator Patty Murray says she had a comprehensive plan ready to go in July, but that the Trump Administration went with a confusing piece meal plan run by the states. People don't know when they can get a vaccination. They don't know how to find out when they're gonna be in line or even where they're gonna go. If they are in line and we are sorry from folks who are vaccinate people forget In the vaccinations out on the ground, but they don't know how many vaccinations air coming. Marie says The incoming Biden administration is working on a national plan. She called last week's violence at the capital, an attempted coup. Something Murray says should not be tolerated in our democracy. Ryan Harris Co. Moh news. New federal plans to release more covert vaccine doses have one county in the Puget Sound working to increase its vaccination capacity. Snohomish County Vaccine Task Force has been working on these plans since the summer. And with new sights set up, they expect to get between eight and 10,000 people vaccinated this week. Katie Curtis with these diplomas Health District says the sites are meant to enhance the existing health care system. However, Justice community drive through testing sites did not replace testing throughout the health care system. These vaccination sites are not a replacement.

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