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Deed for your neighbor by 11 50 Let's go to the vault is a 66391 10 20 Happy Labor Day, Marty and Swiss Veil You're on Katie Kay. No, it's Brody. Um No. Brody, I talked before Mr Moore. Is Marty on the screening. I'm sorry, Brody. Go. No, no, I just said it's nice to hear Chris more going for Marty. I just called to talk about briefly very briefly about the The male and the protesters. The US mail. I don't know what's causing them to slow down. I don't know if it's a conspiracy. I don't know what's going on with it. Obviously, since the Koven The U. S mail. Their their their Their stars went from, Maybe 2.5 a negative, too. They're doing a horrible job. I'm just telling you that right now, I'm sorry for any male men out there, but You know, I know my rent check. It has to get the Mount Washington I have delivered myself and drop it on the drop off. My my check shows up late. I don't know what's going on with that. I hope it could be regulated. And but mainly called to talk to you about the protesters on Saturday going turn downtown Pittsburgh bothering people peacefully. Uh, You know, having a nice meal and everything like that. Uh And then the mayor said that, uh He had He had enough of the protest thing. So what made him make a stand because they're bothering his sleep. It's got to come to an end. Chris, this is ridiculous. I never I never not surrounded by protest before it better not happen. God help those people. Who what are you going to do? If it doesn't? What are you going to do? If it does, I mean Well, I mean, come on. I mean, I don't like to fight either, but, um You know I don't Are you suggesting you go start a fight? No. But what happens if they come to my table and just start Schlepping stuff around. What do I do? Do I run inside? So I called 911. So you know, I don't want to just go on and tell the truth. You go fade, right? Of course I am. Alright. Well their head like Look, Brody here. Here's the thing. Ah, cow ridden house decided he was going to fight and he killed two people. Now he may be judged innocent at the end of whatever legal troubles, he hairs but already every $70,000 to defend him. And that is not enough, in fact, is crooked Lawyer resigned because he was stealing some of the money and he's got At new counsel and he's got to raise more money. You may be defending your rights, but people who tell me about use of force that I interview tell me the minimum you're going to get in terms of Ah, Getting involved in a fight is a legal bill for about $25,000. You should think twice about fighting. People just drop on the floor. Just My my head and let people kicked me in the head on the island Protesters did doing the civil rights movement. That's that is correct, Mr Long. Well, you don't have to drop on the floor, but you can retreat. And and that's basically what I would do. And I say that as a person who has a license to carry and concealed, Terry, Okay? No, I understand that now is somewhat if if my wife and I wouldn't be out eating, doing covert ID this, But if we were and somebody turned over my table, I'd grab my wife at arm and we'd start retreating. If somebody hit my way treating if somebody hit my wife, then I would I think that I could defend myself, okay? And her tell you while you make every bit of sense, Mr more you really dio. I would hope I hope that never happens to me and, uh, You know, you know everything. I'm sure you could handle business. But it is very smart. God gave you two legs, but it's like this has to stop. People were listening. And they're thinking of conspiring Tio protest and what I'm glad to see the mayor has changed his plans. Oh, man, and he's cracking down on anybody who's disrupted anybody who's peaceably going about their business having dinner, Okay? That's nice. Thank you. Alright. Thank you. Alright, God bless you. Thank you. You too. Thank you, sir. Let's go to Steve. Stevie on Katie. Hey, how you doing? All right, you Great. Thanks. Actually, I'm the chairman of Pittsburgh Labor Day Parade I organized. The whole thing with other people is going up by you. You know that We are the number one parade in the country. Oh, great. We have way have been for years. You know, it is a disappointing day for us. No, because it's a day of family lay. We're getting together all the unions. Big day for us, but we did have a big weekend. We, uh, worked out of Renzi Park community and we clean up WW two memorial upon the streets, Students tree in the West and We just finished up with our Labour Mass over ST Paul's Cathedral. I think that's great. And I know you're involved in a lot of activities. But what do you think all these people called me and blame labor for all the problems and jobs going overseas. Uh, at the whole another animal that you know another discussion chorus. I mean, there's a lot of blame to go around with everybody. One person wants to blame now that farce and that's not what it's all about you, you know we have to stick together. It's hard because You know, in politics they decide to conquer and divide they pick on somebody is weak that way. Somebody's membership of struggling because of the fossil fuel or whatever their issues are. You know it. It's a difficult Steve Steve. I have to break for traffic and you hold on just second and talk a little bit more about labor. You're all right. Hold on, please. We have to break for traffic, Which is brought to you by Bowser is Greg McEntee. And speaking of laboring Chris usually tend our workers are not working during the holiday weekends. This is no exception. But there are lame restrictions still in place. I 70 West found South Addington sounds replace Moreland County. They have the ramp to mount Pleasant. That's worth 31 that is closed during that ongoing project. There's just be aware of it. You're gonna be guided around it by way of opposed to detour X triple A traffic all the fires at 9 35 for the president, Syrian Sr Her network Traffic center. I'm Greg Makati news radio 10 20 Katy K. Tri State office furniture in Pittsburgh has been assisting essential business is through the Koven 19 virus and continues to assist all businesses navigating going backto work for information call for 127710780.

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