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Us let us know about it on the k._r._l._d. traffic tip hotline line two one four two one nine ten eighty i'm joyce nielsen your next report at five twenty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen the forecast now k._r._l._d. chief meteorologist dan bruneau yeah this scattered storms late yesterday afternoon and evening and most of those fell apart right at sunset it was a nice pleasant evening little outflow move through so hopefully you enjoyed that a little time outdoors i guess caked in the -squitoes repellent temperatures this morning of fallen into the low seventies again it's a nice comfortable morning how about the ninety two today tomorrow around ninety four scattered storms back in the forecast this weekend it looks like most of us stay drive there will be a week system moving in from the east that'll get us about a twenty to thirty percent chance of an afternoon or evening storm and that same patterns gonna continue pretty much all of next week as we get closer to fourth of july lot most everybody won't see a drop but there is a chance for late day shower storm each day with highs in the low nineties comfortable to get out now seventy in mesquite seventy two here at k._r._l._d. top news stories throughout the day breaking news News when it happens dependent on NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. five twenty one time baresi c._e._o. spotlight with david johnson you know you drive around the area really almost any place in north texas and you're gonna see construction you you're gonna see multi-family construction they are building parliament's like.

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