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The house what bids our pitches so uh i will now say the names of the books because we've given everybody fair warning that we're going to get explicit your first cookbook the official cookbook thug kitchen eat like you give a faulk followed by party grove for social mother factors and then k 101 fast as fuck those are the books i want to get started with how you all got started with what are we how are we here having this conversation today in two thousand eighteen i i mean if still fucking shocks ask any in w i mean like should work michelle was working on a grocery store and i always like a production sent and we were just broke blue hill broke shit yeah we met in 2011 we start the app i am blog and 2012 learn and i it just like 'cause we were really sodded are real jobs and crying all the time so are like oh let's let's do something fund together because i was trying to get mad to eat butter and he just couldn't fuck and hang and john haloed all these other blah like most dudes more diet was frozen pizza and beer look there was you know a michelle was i do you need a solid everyone's yeah you need to be grown up and saw i was trying to shame how to cook and so we decided to create a blog for people like ask people who lived on a budget who are trying to eat healthy turning more vegetables and we didn't think anyone would care and ten about six months later in 2013 at went viral and then we started getting attention we got a book deal and our first book came out october 2014 new loses food memes yeah we were just sick in michelle's recipes and we were just like panchen up the humor in just been really yagro with the language and we've for awhile or or tagline was a verbally abusing everybody into a healthier diet or a healthier lifestyle some elisa um and yeah it was just it was just like you need to eat more of you know avocados we need.

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