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22 marching bands eighteen equestrian units and thousands of smiles from the rose parade in pasadena i'm jim roope the national transportation safety board is assisting in the investigation of a deadly plane crash in costa rica on new year's eve officials say ten of the twelve victims were us citizens than some had ties to our area here's kyw news share a day howard the american state department recently identified former residents of montgomery county dr mitchell weiss his wife dr leslie weiss and their two teenage daughters as victims of the fiery crash the department also confirmed an additional lost to our area university of pennsylvania freshman williams steinberg and his family on vacation were also among those killed on the flight dr mitchell wise was an interventional radiologists that bay care and belair florida the family of relocated to florida from plymouth meeting in two thousand and five charity howard kyw newsradio a monmouth county teenager is in police custody facing murder charges in a shocking new year's eve slaying at the shore kyw news ian bush reports minutes before midnight alleged that a semiautomatic rifle was used the 16yearold gunned down his family of their home and long branch according to monterey county prosecutor chris green egot the foreign visuals that were killed where sixteen euros to parents steven and linda colo g age forty four and forty two his sister 18yearold brittany and a family friend who lived at the residence seventy year old mary scholtz investigators say the suspect did not target his brother a grandfather both left the home unharmed the team surrendered to police we will be charging this individual with four counts of murder and one count of of possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose what prosecutors don't know why ian bush ky ko newsradio at the broadcast center in spring garden clear skies going to eleven overnight.

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