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The team's all time points leader Gostkowski only played four games last year before needing hip surgery the move also freed up some cap space this means New England does not have a kicker on the roster right now but could re sign Nick Falk pants did add a special teams standout though Cody Davis formerly of the Jaguars and rams fox analyst and hall of fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw weighed in on Brady leaving Foxboro and questioned why the heck he'd want to keep playing at forty three and certainly why in the world he'd sign in Tampa branch theorized ego is involved and he wants to prove he is more important than bill Belichick Adam Kaufman WBZ Boston news radio all right Adam thank you eight thirteen we check on traffic and weather together something we do every ten minutes and that is a constant so let's check in on the roads with Laurie Grandy it's the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes morning lark good morning you can rely on me I'll be there for you all right we get some situations going on out there first up through one let's check that out with Kristen Ackley mapfre insurance road report CSSA to look out for here along the route one south the crash that initially happened right at the on ramp for blistering down the Rivera they moved the vehicles down closer to the center was down there the exit for route sixty in revere so keep an eye open for that if you have passed that once you're beyond that crash it's looking pretty good had a dell for the Chelsea S. curves in the works well before the Tobin bridge Kristen after the Babri insurance rotor part fine in ninety three north bound there's a breakdown to watch out for it's actually on the shoulder the shoulder is blocked there ninety three north on at cpops pond in Stoneham so keep an eye out for that also in Denver's road construction continues the right hand lane is closed on one twenty eight north bound at Endicott street in the on the Cape get an accident reported now route six east bound right by one thirty two in west Barnstable Laurie Grady WBZ's traffic on three glory thank.

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