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Is more important to me. The club and it just made me wanna ball of grinding is the best answer like you couldn't couldn't scripted this better for you to say this you know. We have tie and to got involved with chelsea for as he heard about with. Fc harlem is doing with him in the association. Is that okay there so shanghai black folks in see that they they feel black people. That's it for me and a zero. Then and that's how he became a fan so he said you'll hear a lot of stories like that from five different player than five players but we at one as a player but five different people. And you'll see my face a lot photos and all that good stuff a lot of johnson. I mean it's it's it's beautiful. What we got really excited. Check out this project over the coming weeks mel very political answer on your favourite club. That doesn't while jenny my excitement in wanting to check out this really amazing project and aid your work your massive on instagram. And you've done really powerful pieces so thank you so much for your work in your art cer- especially this project which is really cool and close to. Our hearts is the official chelsea. F c podcasts. Greg getting to know you and learn these stories that you're going to be telling in the coming weeks. I'm really happy that you guys happy here is honor the go see of course on mount and you're listening to chelsea mic drop. The official cost of the blue. We will turn our attention momentarily to chelsea women but we are in the midst of an international break and chelsea have a A continental squad as luis miguel. I like to call them when he tries to describe their chances which he deems favorable in the champions league chelsea have an international squad and many great players for chelsea or out on international duty. But it's international duty during a pandemic which seems counterintuitive surface. But it's necessary. They start making up some of these games and The euro right around the corner as managers are starting to put pressure on some of these clubs like look. We've made plenty concessions. We need to see who fits as we start narrowing down our squads in advance of this. Summer's euro twenty twenty s. Twenty twenty in twenty twenty sticking with the brand but as are the olympics by the way the twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty one. The olympics is another one. That's actually pretty interesting from an american perspective. I mean it's not a big deal in europe but like the. Us are currently in qualifying. They won their first. Two matches against the dominican republic and costa rica australia win a semifinal to get to the olympics but after a summer in which you know the us might play nations league gold cup critic. Ballistic is eligible for the olympics. Right like the best. Us men's national team is mostly eligible for the olympics. Like if you want to pick a raina politic mckennie tyler adams all. These guys are eligible for the olympics. That's another international competition. You can throw into the middle and it would be in the middle of the club season and chelsea's under no obligation to cushion ballistic. They don't want to. Let's start there. Because you and i are both american. Were men's national team fans. And this is the first time that we see presumably fit christian pulisic although he took a beating against sheffield united. We're finally going to see him out there. He's been withheld out of abundance of caution in dealing with battles with fitness. Now he is out there which on the surface seems like. It could be a golden generation for the men's national team now previous years. The us men's national team has used christian pulisic differently then. His club teams have. What are you looking for here. With christian pulisic and his utilization within the us men's national team why it is kind of the beginning right. He'd like in the chelsea side. You're thinking how does he fit into to call system. How does he fit into lampert system. Whereas i think the us system should start with ballistic right so for me you plug them in left winger and you figure the rest out from there. Like that's his best position. But i my interest is always in how it fits right. How do you get now this generation of players to work together in a system who is the best full-back that plays behind them. So for instance. Sergio desk is playing really well right now for barcelona but there's assault that maybe two fullbacks in the us setup our best and reggie cannon new plays in portugal but they're both right back st move desk to left back at his desk and pulisic work or are you better off playing anthony robinson whose and weaken we got left back for fulham. And so how does it. Which striker is prolific working off of. Is it sergeant. Is daryl decay. Who's had a really good run for barnsley in the championship with midfield. That like you get the balance right. In terms of getting some defensive steelers creativity where does gio raina fit with politic's raina in an ideal world. Probably play in that same position so it really is fit with as you said this generation of talent. We don't really know what it is yet because it hasn't played with the national team before right. We know that at club level. These young players are achieving things. We've never seen american players achieve but pets not necessarily the national team. So i think it's fit and how does gregg berhalter make all these pieces work. Let's turn our attention to the english national team because loads of chelsea players are dealing with english national team duty both on the senior team and the u. twenty one kalomo toy with the twenty one's and chisel loaded u twenty one team in england really super loaded as well. What do you make of Just england on the whole and How these chelsea players fit in they operate under a different system. So you actually have players. Like reese james and ben chill will begin back to their comfort zone a little bit as they've actually been stretched a little bit under thomas too cold but look benca walls. The first choice left back for england. I imagine he's gonna to be going back to what he used to be for chelsea. Well i do think that he does now have some competition in the form of luke shaw. Who's played pretty well for manchester united so i think you know it will. It will be interesting again over the course of three games. In a week. You'll see bench will star at least one of those games at left back but now there's legitimate competition for that place which is a good thing right. I think ben show well in. November is unquestioning leftback unquestioned chelsea left back and he's got to compete and this is a little bit of versi for a player who been show. It wasn't necessarily thought of like a. You know an immensely talented youngster. Coming through as a player who got an opportunity at leicester took that opportunity. Now has become a really good full national teamer and full chelsea player so i do think he's got that competition from the interesting thing. Is you mentioned reese james. Call into this team. It's at the expense of trent alexander. Arnold trails enter. Arnold is not in this national team. And it's kind of crazy when you think of that. Just that right back position. Alone reese james. Isn't it kieran tripper. Good athletico is and he's got a little bit off the radar in english term because he's playing in spain walker in the side as well who plays occasionally centreback for garissa gate and play right back as well but really reza's in this team at the expense of trent alexander arnold gareth southgate had to call alexander. And it'll be like a sorry bad. It's just not working for you right now. This is a guy who a lot of people thought best full-back in the world now isn't even cracking the england side because a player. Lebron james is taking a spot. Yeah i was Shouting from the mountaintops that the wrong liverpool player got player of the season. I mean don't get me started on. How jordan warned. I'm sorry raise them that way. But trent alexander. Arnold was phenomenal last year. Not the same player at all. This year is at van. Dyke stuff is it that the player himself has regrets. He's a young enough age that you shouldn't be too overly concerned but he's moving in the wrong direction you shouldn't be regressing as a player. I know he's had his bouts with fitness to and you must be fair to the player and introduce that to the discussion when you're trying to greatest season on the whole but i was actually thinking about it the other day. I'm like i think. I reached teams more than i do. Try alexander arnold right now and that's crazy considering the gulf between the two players just last year and also in the to calera. You would said that. Reese might have been sacrificed because callum hudson doa was playing that position at the beginning of it. But reese i think was really good in those two legs against go madrid and has earned this place in the england side now but i mean think about the from an english perspective now gareth southgate make some tough choices you have to leave players out of his starting eleven out of his squad that might come back to bite him come the end of the term and if they don't go on to win it but the idea that you can have alexander arnold in your national team pool and he basically is now decided gareth southgate that he's choice. That's insane like that. Just shows a strength in depth at that position and just generally with england that they've got so many good young talents coming through and they've got their national team program sorted. I mean when we were. When i was coming up in soccer ingwer always a team. That were disappointments at major tournaments. And you know weren't developing players like everyone else and now like in ten years. It's wow what a strength in depth. They have well the more things change the more. They may say the same right. They might still disappointed but at least developing the players now. They're generation of great players. Seems to be younger. Plenty of opportunity for the english players to find joy against same marino in albania. So i if you wanna see. Some highlight reel suffer. Maze outreach james and ben joel whichever one of those games hopefully they start. Be cool to see all three in the same lineup. that'd be nice to see cuts and enjoy with you. Twenty one duty none of these countries that we've mentioned by the way are in the. Uk's red zone which is something that has to be part of the conversation when we're talking about international duty amidst the pandemic right now. It doesn't seem like any of these. Chelsea players are going out on international duty have to quarantine so that's very good andres christianson. He was actually playing a defensive midfielder for denmark and would get even riskier in the attack on international duty now with his emergence on the club side as a very solid defender. I wonder if they move them back along that back line but when you talk about the danes the they're not really this brilliant talent. Andreas christianson one of the best soccer talents. That country's ever produced you wanna get them as close to the attack if he's attack minded as humanly possible so i don't really envision him play in the same position that he does for chelsea. I think we might still see him in that midfield position. Yeah it's interesting for some of these countries that don't produce as much talent. Even the defenders have the ball skills that are requisite with the midfielders in their national team. Paul i think of like for example. Dav alibi playing for switzerland in their midfield. Because it just seems like. You're not getting enough of it. I out of a player if you put them at left-back right that he can contribute so much more to the team. And i think for christianson. It's a similar story. But and if you're i mean denmark has had some success off the back of how good they are defensively so i do think that giving kirstens form you do want to at least play to that strength like i said with pulisic your denmark right now. You're kind starting with christians and then going from there given how well he's playing germany and france who countries that chelsea fans always looked to during international duty just because those are usually big hotbeds for chelsea talent. He have habits ruediger and team verner in duty for germany. You have libya giroud in golo. Kante incurred zuma getting the call up for france with giroux. The thing to look for is continue getting closer to teary. On res goalscoring mark is a player that is rounding into form with his national team. Hopefully in advance of the euro's he hasn't been playing watch on the club side nearly as much as he hoped he might be playing here. Will he get the same sort of opportunities or will france decide to turn to another striker. That's maybe been bit more informed. I think his identity is so solidified within that team that we might be able to see a regular olivier's rude and he'll have an honest chance at catching anri. Yeah and it's just so interesting when you look at that france team because in some ways it is like a club team in that no matter what giroux. It's the striker right and again. They're playing three games qualifier qualifier. But they are a club team in that. It doesn't matter which drew does away with with another team or what is club situation is. He's important to that system and their way of playing like you mentioned this kind of continuity that can be really valuable on the international stage. Everyone kind of knows edge. Rue is the reference point. So i would imagine we're san benedetto. Who plays her monico. We'll get a chance to lead the line for them. Maybe kind of go for more flowing formation with either grease man or Or anthony marshy outplaying up top as well but we knowing it comes to france losing. Play up top yeah. The market's beasley. He's got his way on the team's international duty. He's trusted. I think as we close out this international. Wrap up here. I think one of the more interesting things jorgihno who seemed very important to italy. Throughout this qualifying phase had been playing pretty well for them did not make the squad. This time emerson makes squad in researching the segment. I was kind of surprised to find out that georgina wasn't there. When i was looking for south this guy was pretty important for italy. And i thought at times you could make the argument that who's even plan better for country. Then he was for club not chosen. Not what's going on there. Yeah roberto mancini was saying that He he picked up a knock in his knee so it wasn't fit to play these games so we didn't risk him. Now maybe is also because you know world cup qualifiers against lesser opposition. There's all the cova situation so it's almost entirely italian base squad ferber dementia need but yeah Georgina non the side emerson is though emerson is actually another player like drew. Who always seems to figure more prominently for the national team than he does for chelsea. So he'll you'll get a chance to get a few games. I would imagine at the very least a left back. Not a position that it italy or terribly strong giving you the most up to date recording truth be told good a techie by the curtain. Right now we had most of this episode done and dusted. but we're the official chelsea podcast. And we've been getting plenty of attention to the chelsea women's and we wanted to make sure we gave you the most up to date recap so hours before this episode posted chris wittingham and i got gather compared notes and broke down a match. Chris that my biggest from was. I could actually watch it. This is matt again. Chelsea f c women fandom chris i was able to watch it here from the comfort of my own home whilst multitasking and i have a lot of takeaways from this game but that is number one chief amongst them underlying it circle at three times. The accessibility of this game is going to be what grows even from fans of the club. You guys were fans of the shirt but if we're able to watch and if you're able to shout it from the mountaintops because we could have done on the chelsea f c cheap propagandists right as host of this podcast. We could have done a better job messaging to plenty of hands where they could have seen this because we still have to put it in a bit of work to find it thankfully. My computer's healthy and not making noise because this was a legal stream yet i saw this game on your take away from being able to watch this amazing club. Well as you said the takeaway is being able to watch it right like we had to do some recon and ask them where connections over the club. Hey can we watch. Isn't it turns out. It was on the chelsea youtube channel. Now i believe uefa who are actually responsible for this. Mess are rectifying this next season. They're basically going to bake in the women's champions league rights with the men's champions league rights that way it'll be you would think on paramount plus starting from next season but for now every club owns their own rights and so chelsea put this game up on their youtube channel so it was really great to watch and for me the biggest takeaway from the game was i think chelsea for fifty five minutes. We're pretty lucky to still be at nil nil. They were struggling from a defensive point of view playing out from the back. The post came to their aid. We talked about chelsea skipper and katrin. Berger much more has chelsea at this stage with penalty saves and now today comes up with a huge double safe and clearance off the line in one sequence kept chelsea in the game and then that allow them the opportunity for their attacking players to be clinical in front of goal. And that is that we've talked about what the men's team at times but we're not playing well and you've got brilliant attacking players. All you need is a moment and chelsea got to. And i thought the second goal was brilliant. Sam curbing unselfish comes from pressing. Fran kirby wins. The ball gets enough power on the past to get into curse. You could just right towards the near post instead plays an entrepreneurial harder easy finish and all of a sudden you to give away a penalty in salzburger in the tie with an away goal. But i think the way that chelsea recovered after being down not down but kind of being played for a fair. Bit of the match was really huge. It's been the chief strategy on the women's and men's side. Just load the team with talent players capable of individual match-winning capabilities. That could pop up with the most insane. Kerr was brilliant today. Burger was brilliant today. One of the most consistent players really bright friend of the podcast particularly in that first half struggled a little bit. Which was curious timing. Because i've had a tweet saved my drafts over the last twenty four hours directed at espn nfc because their mockery of a top fifty women's players in the world way to districts back to 'em dog thankfully chelsea got their footing in that second half and you got to see the all world players do all world player things and chelsea go into the second leg in a in a nice position here against a really a really good team. You saw in that first half exactly why. Berg had been the thorn and chelsea side. Yeah there from an attacking point of view. There pressing was fantastic on the day. Creating really good chances and made life difficult. I was thinking. Another factor in this tie. That is kind of overlooked is the fact that they're playing on neutral field. They're playing in budapest like the champions league in general. I mean we're talking about chelsea progressing that competition in our conversation about porto. We didn't have a conversation while maybe having to play on a neutral field or even the we didn't talk about much the let's go tie. It's a big deal right because the whole notion of the away goals rule and of all of the different ways that we talked about the champions league is you want to have the second leg at home so that you know the the amount of away goals and you're coming home with knowing what you need to do. That's kinda thrown out the window on a neutral field so you're basically playing a neutral field tournament here between chelsea and volkswagen. The fact they've worked played. Well you don't have a lift from your home crowd or being at home being your home surrounds and so chelsea kind of had to find it from nowhere. They did too. We speak again and when we speak again. Massive guest chris whittingham team. Oh verner is joining us here at chelsea miked up turbo team. Oh mike turbo team. Oh makes his chelsea mic'ed up debut. I cannot wait to talk to him. I've seen interviews of team. Oh verner and he looks like an absolute delight. I imagine it'll be no different. Here cannot wait to get to know turbo team. Oh and for the audience to hear. Turbo t talk about his season. Honestly so look for that coming your way next week until we speak again up the chips..

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