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The way i see it is someone that actually creates their own business their own line of work that is unique from someone else to make an incredible living doing that dan you know have fun and be lucrative accomplishment i feel as of now is where i'm at right now i think you know i've been with my company found in my company ten years ago and every year grows stronger and better and i feel like this year is stronger than it was last year so as of now i feel like i'm at the top and hopefully i continue to go from where i was before the business for over thirty years yeah there's so many things i've learned from so many mentors wreck baker stan winston seeing how different people work and create their companies i have given me inside on the complications of running a company so i've learned quite a bit as far as hell myself i would run it not necessarily differently but the way that i would run at myself when i was younger i did see myself as being you know kind of a entrepreneur or someone that actually had their own business part of that comes from the fact that i was very i felt isolated as an artist because growing up in taxes there really wasn't an opportunity so i thought well i gotta figure out what to do it on my own because i didn't know what was out there.

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