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This is the fusion patrol gassed each week. We look at a different science fiction TV episode or movie and analyze it to within an inch of its life. Welcome to the discussion. Hello and welcome to another episode if you should patrol. I'm Eugene and I'm John at tonight. We're looking at STAR COPS. Episode Numero dos conversations with the dead. A freighter bound for Mars the data lists. Has A we problem? It's engines have fired at the wrong time, and a freighter and crew are now on an UN correctable course, the crew while still alive are considered dead. On the Charles de Gaulle. Nathan Spring isn't adapting well to zero gravity at his age. He is unlikely to adapt box informs him that the only solution would be to find a place that has gravity. He starts scoping out offices on the moon back on Earth Maitha. NHS girlfriend and lingering personal plot complication. Lee is wandering the plants in his apartment. She receives a highly encrypted secure message from Nathan. Although she never gets the chance to read it, the message says your life is in danger. She doesn't need to read the message to know that though as. As a man breaks in and murders her in the apartment sometime later spring has returned to Earth where he is interrogated by police. Inspector Colin Davis and Sergeant Cormon devious seems to be more than a bit of a jerk, both to spring and his assistant Corman the computers tell him that this crime isn't special. Spring wants to conduct the investigation himself, but the idea is shut down by divas. The message from spring was a fake, but tracing it turns up as a dead end on the moon. David Theroux has gone to see star cops new digs. He's also investigating the data Lewis Accident Sentiment on the moon, which has never had any star cops is decidedly cold. One Crewman Fox is particularly opposed to them, but a colleague just says it's because he was formerly romantically involved with one of the data Lewis crew and he's taking it poorly. Everything checks out on the Dallas. No cause for the accident can be found though Fox is unwilling to talk. He makes an indication that he knows what the fault was on the data Lewis..

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