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Stunted. My grandmother was undocumented for quite a few. She didn't become a citizen till I was like seven years old. But that kind of metality of my grandmother, my mother, I might get taken away is a real thing. And there's a lot of people that whether they are, whether they themselves are at risk, somebody that they know is at risk, and it's not like, oh my dentist. No. Like their best friend at school. A lot of their friends at school. Don't will never tell them that they are undocumented or that their family is in documented, but those are real factors. And I think that because Texas gets labeled as a red state, it's not a red state. It's a nonvoting state. I think because we get labeled as Cowboys and big Texas. And whatever people people forget that they're humans there that have not been given the privilege to be educated, about community involvement. It is it is an absolute. Privilege to well in tier, and not a lot of people realize that back home people are too busy, working three to four jobs to make ends meet. So there's no time to your so forget voting. I don't have time to vote on time to register. We were I was just up in Austin of little while ago, fighting more voter suppression laws, two thousand nineteen and we're still fighting this stuff. And so I just really want for y'all to know it has nothing to do with people being uneducated or backwards or anything like that. We have been oppressed for generations. And just like I said, they're the reason why people don't vote is because they think they don't have to bet though said about the democratic establishment is absolutely right. He said, we all live in blue blueberries in a big red tomato soup. That's absolutely true. The Democrats that are that are down in my area. They're not they're not working for my community, but it's a blue area, the same thing, where the same thing where you from. And so I can guarantee that, if you take the time, if anybody outside of Texas takes time to get to know some of the different cultures that are in Texas, some of the different people, you will see that there's absolute value in investing in Texas. Texas is going to be ground zero for not just twenty twenty but for everything. And here's a fact, here's a true fact if an Trewin. If we can. So there's enough not that I believe in the electoral college, but there's enough electoral votes in California, and New York that if we get control of Texas, those three states can pick our president every single election. Those a true fact and the county that I'm from is the seventh most populated county in the state, and we don't vote like it. And so that was something that I made, sure I told every single student when I went to register them to vote that we need to know we have power, but we have no idea that we have power. And so I think that it's, it's, it's in your best interest to get involved in Texas to be really honest. I really think. Thank filmmaker David Modigliani, and the Beddoe campaign volunteers. Amanda, salis Marcel mcclinton and Shannon gay, you can watch their film running with Beddoe on HBO. Thanks to moderator, Karen McMullan, and tour team series, producer and inordinate swan and web designer cross strategy theme music is composed by Andre Williams who passed away in March at age eighty to our executive producer is Rafael and they house.

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