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Dot com. It's ten O 8. Get a precision AC tune up for only $69. Michael and son. Traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go to Rick McClure in the traffic center. All right John, let's take you out to the capitol beltway outer loop through auxin hill where police and cleanup grooves are within a debris spill that happened early last hour at saint Barnabas road, the cleanup is still along the right side with traffic getting by in a single lane to the left. Delays are heavy from the Wilson bridge on the outer loop as a result, and that's your heaviest stretch of volume on the beltway right now. The new flyover ramp is now in place from the antelope to westbound 66, this exit is now the first exit to take before the ramp to eastbound 66. Merrill and I two 70 watch for mobile work zones traveling south through Germantown near middlebrook roads, great sweeping crews are in the left lane headed toward Montgomery village, route 50, there's a crash reported eastbound on the bay bridge, not sure what lane is affected yet. There's also a work zone set up along the westbound side blocking the left lane. Over to Virginia, 66 east between the manassas rest area and route 29 Centreville is a work zone set up first in the left lane and then the right lane is taken away as you get closer to route 29. The crash cleanup is done down in manassas from an earlier incident this morning route 29 has been reopened both ways near featherbed lane. And through the district watch volume along the southbound side of D.C. two 95 through northeast and southeast from burrows to east capital street, volume along the northbound side from after the 11th street bridge to Pennsylvania avenue. Find the new car you're looking for, try a fits way used car next to a new car that fits weight cars best, visit fits mall dot com for a good car in a safe car, you can trust. That's the fits way. Rick McClure WTO P traffic. And now our storm team four four day forecast with chuck bell. Bright sunshine this morning will be replaced by some mid and high level clouds as we get into the afternoon. It will dim out the sunshine, but it won't prohibit

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